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Can you hunt doves on just any wma, or does it have to be a dove field?

thebigone556thebigone556 the seaPosts: 67 Greenhorn
One of my friends wants to go dove hunting with me on a wma sometime in the near future, but i'm worried as it isn't one of those designated dove field areas. Hunting them on just any old wma isn't legal right? 


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,736 AG
    Read the brochure..... for EVERY WMA you want to hunt on. 
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  • HollywoodcorollaHollywoodcorolla Posts: 474 Deckhand
    if it say migratory bird during the hunt period your ok to go  BUT  always read the wma info. 
    If any question send us the brochure and we can help 
  • PinmanPinman Posts: 2,650 Captain
    Like others have said, read the individual WMA regulations. Most have "migratory birds in season" listed as legal to take during Small Game and other seasons (IE; General Gun). Some have Migratory birds legal to hunt during those seasons meaning if it is a Migratory Species and its in season, go hunt it. Although Quota Permits can get in the way of that.
  • AlwaysLearningMoreAlwaysLearningMore Posts: 148 Deckhand
    One thing to watch for:  you might not be able to take Eurasion collared doves on some WMA's that do allow harvest of other doves.  For example, at the Babcock/Webb in SW Florida, which is one of the biggest dove-producing WMA's in the state, the small game season regs do say "migratory birds in season", but when you go to the migratory bird section the regs there specifically call out only mourning doves and whitewing doves as legal to take.  But since collared doves are not listed they cannot be harvested on the WMA, even though there are no restrictions (seasons or bag limits) for them on private land.  Makes no sense to me, but this is what I was told when I inquired with FWC.
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