Why there is no fishing report here for a while?

Any report around 10K area?
it have been very quiet lately. 


  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 6,584 Admiral
    Didn't red tide kill the fish down there.
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 572 Officer
      I'll give you couple of reasons.One 10k forum has
    the fewest readers,hence fewer posts.Second,South
    of Cape Romano fishing has been so good even during
    the summer what's to talk about?I caught a 27"red,big
    deal caught two same size last week.
  • Lake-LinkerLake-Linker Posts: 104 Deckhand
    With reports of nearby fish kills,I've had some concerns....I'll be down first couple weeks of January,camping at Collier Seminole SP and launching my little boat from the access at Goodland bridge on San Marco rd...2.5 horse motor... Fish Hells Gate,Palm bay to Buttonwood Bay out to Tripod key down to about White Horse key.

    Any issues with fish kills in those areas?

    Launching at Faka or EC/Chokoloskee is always an option but then fishing time is spent driving....And I wouldn't feel as comfortable returning to the launch after sunset.

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,573 Captain
    We’ve been very, very lucky these past three years.  Those terrible red tides haven’t made it past Marco...

    The 10K area has been great the entire time that the Gulf coast has suffered.

    Unlike other areas, guides out of Chokoloskee and Everglades are pretty closed mouthed.  You simply won’t get reports from most of them.  I book trips out both ends of the Park but I’m pretty quiet when I’m running out of Choko and much more open out of Flamingo...

    Hope this explains it...
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  • Caxambas KidCaxambas Kid Posts: 183 Deckhand
    BACK ON THE BOARD!     Password reset and here we go..........!    Have not posted in many months due to password issues. I've fished out of Caxambas Pass probably 10+ times since my last report. Went this past Saturday and caught probably 20 trout (2 kept) and jacks, ladyfish, macks and the such. Before that, snook, trout, small redfish, mackerel and some bruiser bluefish (6+ pounds!) of late. Topwaters and blue Yo-Zuri jerkbaits and the obligatory white Spro bucktails. It's not a secret the 10K area is fantastic. In the past months, I've seen 2 dead fish and only once did I get a scratchy throat due to red tide. Other than fighting negative low tides, fishing has been pretty good of late. Next trip is in a couple weeks. Now that I'm "back on the board", reports will occur after the launching, catching, loading is complete. Until then, be safe and enjoy our wonderful backyard south of Marco Island!
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  • hhfishermanhhfisherman Posts: 123 Deckhand
    Thank you Caxambas kid for the report.
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