Long hunt and new lucky Charm--long story

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Got back from camp in Ky after a long hunt with most of the time sitting in rain and unusual warm weather.

First , have to back up to 6 months ago when I bought a new truck and cleaned out my console of my old jeep of all the stuff that had been in it for 7 yrs.Just dumped it all in a hat without even looking at it and sat it on my truck seat and took it to the house to take inside. I grabbed the hat and something fell down beside the seat. I figured, Id just dig out whatever it was later.

back to present. Me ,my buddies WayneT and Tire pump are heading to lunch on the 8th day of hunt . Wayne dropped something down the seat and starts to dig it out. He says "who's is this" and pulls out a small pocket knife.
I said "oh, so thats what that was I heard that nite fall in there". I go on to tell them about the knife.
My grandfather gave it to me when I was 9. the main blade was broken but the two small blades remain. He gave it to me cause he figured I couldnt get in much trouble with the big blade broken. I hadnt seen the knife in seven yrs and before that it sat in a beer mug on my dresser for 25 or more. Forgotten about.

My grandfather was THE ONE to take the time to get me into anything outdoors. I fished with him more than anyone on the planet. He Showed me how to fish,hunt anything, work on cars, woodworking and much more. I would spend every summer as a kid up there in Ga on their property shooting and fishing.
He died the day after Christmas 3 yrs ago and I really have yet to really deal with it if you know what I mean.
After telling them this, they both say at the same time-"man thats your lucky knife! what kind is that?" I told them ,"its either an old schrade or old timer"not recognizing the old emblam on it. "well we will see tonite how lucky it is!"
The entire hunt all these guys talk about is 'lucky rock". lucky drawers, you name it they are about the luck.

Later that day I drop off Tire pump on another farm and head over to my spot.
I put my camos on over my other stuff and get everything ready to head across the field to my stand. I stopped and pulled out the knife. I held it up for a second and said " well Paw paw, your going to the stand with me , I hope you enjoy the sit!" and put it back in my pocket.
I get to the stand and im getting ready to climb and look over to see a big 7pt standing at the edge of the field looking at me. I hit the deck. luckily theres high grass around the bottom of the tree. I pull off my butt pad and lay on it. finally after several minutes of stare down, he puts his head down and starts to eat . I get all my gear situated in one hand and start to climb the ladder.this tree is out in the field by tself in the wide open.
I had to climb One rung at a time and outlast several staredowns , but somehow made it to my seat. I take a deep breath and get situated , all with this buck at 80 yrds.
Soon as im good, i look over and here comes 3 does. thank god i didnt lay down there any longer or I would have been busted.
The does head straight for me and then I see a Big 9pt behind them.followed by a 4pt and a 5 pt. they all follow the does straight to me. The buck finally starts feeding at 30 yrds and gives me a good shot. I hit him high and he drops in his tracks ,trying to get up several times, but he is done.
None of the other deer even look my way.
I start texting WayneT and look up and here comes an 8pt just as big as the one I shot, straight to me and the other deer who all remained. By this time the Big 7 has come over and they have a knock down drag out right in front of me at 20 yrds.With the 8 finally winning.
They all start feeding around me. 10 deer within 40 yrds for the next 45 mins. the does finally work their way across the field leaving me and the big 8 as the only ones left.
The 8 goes over to my deer and trys to fight him while hes dead. He gets super fired up , starts scraping the ground around the 9 and rubbing every little stick he can find in the area.THis goes on for over 30 mins.
I text Wayne " hey your going to have to drive over and chase this deer off so I can get down. Then all of a sudden he throws his head up and realizes the other deer are gone and trots there way till hes over the hill and out of sight right at dark .Perfect timing.
Man I couldnt believe it --- nonstop action from moment I arrived, till i got down . This was day and nite compared to the previous weeks hunts.
I let one go on the first day that was a little bigger, but after this long hunt, I was really happy with him.and my new lucky charm, that i pulled out on the walk to the truck in the dark , held it up and said "thanks man, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did , miss ya buddy!"
Opened up the broke blade and their written on it was "BUCK".--shouldve known!


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