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Black Friday and Saturday offshore- lots of pics

The offshore grouper bite has been pretty solid to say the least. Lots of fish caught, and lots more getting the best of us! Big fish that just didnt want to cooperate!  These are the fish that keep us coming back for more, making it "fishing" and not catching....

Black friday, 2019!
Spent it with some of my favorite repeat clients. Pushed off pineland marina at 7am looking for some meat for the box. 

Made the run out to 100 ft and dropped down some lines. Only a small pick of lane snapper and micro sized groupers to start. 
Quick 1 mile move and we got into some bigger ones. Finally broke the ice and put a pair on ice. The bite was pretty solid for a couple hours, but our conversion of hookups to landing ratio was subpar. We'd break off or have big ones come unglued at at 4:1 ratio. (4 missed fish to every one landed). 
Had to work for it, but put a bunch of really nice quality sized grouper in the box. Made a drift at the end to stack some big lanes in the box. It didn't disappoint.   Ended with a solid 6 man limit of grouper and some solid, respectable batch of lane snappers.

Fantastic day on the boat with great company.

11/30/19 saturday

Today's fishing trip felt like a deja vu of fridays trip. Had a group of 5 down from ohio ready to get into some grouper. 
Pulled out of pineland, made a nice run out to 100 ft of water. First spot, we drop down hook up, break off. I think we had 4 breakoffs at the first spot and 4 keepers put on ice. Bounced to the next spot. 
Again, a bunch of fish that came unglued, a couple breakoffs on some giant fish, and 2 more for the ice box. Few nice lanes as well. 
Then the bite went cold.. 
Crew decided to stick it out, and like clockwork, late afternoon bite turned on. Lots of lanes, and a slew of big fish.. quite a few more breakoffs, and then like a lightswitch, we landed 4 more keepers for the box to close out or limit, and then caught several more would be keepers that were turned loose for another day. 
Was a fantastic day on the water with excellent conditions, and an epic sunset.

Had to cancel trips monday and tuesday due to the Cold Front and less than ideal conditions...

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