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Ghost Gun 300 BO upper and all the dies to make your own cartridges.

Complete Ghost Gun pistol gas, mloc freefloat upper, PSA BCG with flip up sights and lineral break. Set of small base RCBS and Lee dies, Lee quick trim die and drill mount cutting tool, Harbor freight chop saw, trimming jig. A couple hundred rounds of loaded ammo from 110 sonic to 200 subsonic. All the load data I have experienced with over the last 2 years including trim length upper likes (Lilgun functions the best for sonics and H4198 for subs, I could never find any AA1680). I'll also throw in a hundred plus 223 once fired cases. All you'll need is a press, scale and priming tool to start shooting 300 blackout for less than 30 cents per round. Get a furnace and molds you can shoot for lss than 10 cents per round. Will ship for actual cost but can't include ammo if shipped. Trades considered Big bore AR upper, magnum revolver 4" or longer, no chopped barrel Browning or Remington shotgun (A5 mod 11, mod 1100),  600$
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