Inshore Boat Rental Options Besides Marina?

I frequent Marco Island many times a year and have a vacation home there.  A few years back we decided to sell our boat as it was becoming very costly to maintain.  

Are there any rental options (private or commercial) for small inshore boats in the Marco / Goodland area?  We used to rent from the Marina but having to worry about watching the clock and paying a lot of $$$ over a couple of days made it a less than ideal option.  I'm looking for something to fish 1-2 people max inshore / backwater.  I have a Kayak but it limits me on where I'm comfortable going from the house.  I have the ability to trailer ~3,000lbs 

I've looked into the boat club in Goodland but it looks to be a little cost prohibitive for the overall amount of time I get to spend down there.

Thanks for any suggestions.


  • 10kman10kman Posts: 571 Officer
       Two options join a fishing club,either Naples Fishing
    Club or Marco Sportfishing Club.Both have websites.
        Perfect for backcountry is the Gheenoe with small
    motor.Easy to store,super quiet on the water and 
    reasonably priced.
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