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livebaitlivebait Posts: 793 Officer
When shrimping from boat at say DR.s Inlet or Shand's does everybody in the boat need a license or just the net guy?Got the "duh" answer from the authorities.


  • Cast_N_BlastCast_N_Blast JaxPosts: 1,437 Officer
    Good question. Also wonder if you need a fresh water license being that far up river. I know Im good with my gold sportsman just curious for the people I bring. 
  • smhsmh Posts: 313 Deckhand
    From the way I read it, only those harvesting/*taking the shrimp need a license, unless exempt.  I take that to mean you, as the net guy doing the harvesting, need a license and those on the boat not engaged in harvesting do not.  
        *take is legally defined as taking, attempting to take, pursuing, molesting, capturing or killing any fish, or their nests         or eggs by any means whether or not such actions result in obtaining possession of such fish or their nests or eggs (straight from the FWC statues)
    I would be very surprised if the authorities would ticket anyone in the boat for something like picking the shrimp out of the kiddie pool/wash pan and throwing them into the cooler after you emptied the net and went back to throwing.

    You only need a recreational saltwater fishing license for shrimp in that case, even if you are that far up the river.  For recreational regulation purposes, they are considered a "saltwater" species.
  • jimmy06jimmy06 Posts: 1,241 Officer
    Keep in mind you’re only allowed to use 2 nets from a boat at one time. 
  • Big Bend BrianBig Bend Brian Posts: 1,439 Officer
    jimmy06 said:
    Keep in mind you’re only allowed to use 2 nets from a boat at one time. 
    Jimmy can you please note where you learned this. I’ve looked for this statement but can’t find the source. 
  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 8,315 Admiral
    I'd rather just buy the licence than take a chance.
  • goody55goody55 Jacksonville Posts: 11 Deckhand
    You’re better off just buying the license. No sense in having to explain yourself. 
  • Rookie77Rookie77 Posts: 118 Deckhand
    If you are "participating in the take", you need a license (or be exempt due to age, etc).  That means if you pick up shrimp from the kiddie pool and put them in the cooler you need a license.  If you pick up shrimp that jumped out of the kiddie pool onto the floor of the boat and put them back or in the cooler, you need a license.  Technically, if you help load nets in the boat (buddy hands them to you from the dock) you need a license.  If you are sitting in the back of the boat reading a book, you don't need a license.  I would suggest if you don't have a license you never touch ANYTHING related to taking shrimp---nets, buckets, totes, shrimp, etc.

    Smh is correct.  You need a saltwater license.  It goes by the species, not the location.  If you are fishing for American Shad in the headwaters of the SJR 250 miles from the Atlantic, you still need a saltwater license.  The only exception to this is mullet in certain situations (another topic).

    As for the 'two net rule', I'd like to see that as well.  I don't think it exists.
  • zimmy4209zimmy4209 Ocala FloridaPosts: 1,220 Officer
    icantfish said:

    Looks like here it is but on a side note how do you make it to Deck hand with only 15 posts I think I got railroaded somewhere along the line 🤔😉
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