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11/12 BBI to LWI

JWPBJWPB West Palm BeachPosts: 248 Deckhand
Go north.   Cleared BBI around 8:45 and trolled around 50 to 400 for a while.  A few birds, not much else.  No real current nor weed, but super nice 2-3 seas. 

Weather allowed me to fish 7 lines solo which is 2-3 too many if I catch something or come across a school of mahi.    I broke off one planer around 300 off the LW Pier, 40lb braid failed. 

Headed north and a sail surfaced next to boat in 180 off breakers.   Would have been an absolute cluster had i hooked him but he ignored my lures.

Kept north and caught 2 bonita so small they did not pull drag shallow off LWI but at least some life and bait.  

Still out, have seen some Mark's on screen so fish deep around 100.  Never saw anything off BBI.
Jupiter 29FS


  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,513 Captain
    Thanks for the info.....I'm the same way when i fish solo.  Sometimes I put out 6 or 7 lines and wonder what I'd do if i got into a school.  I did get a triple solo with 4 lines.  2 hit at the same time and i hooked the 3rd when he followed one up to the boat.  It was hectic but it was fun.
  • JWPBJWPB West Palm BeachPosts: 248 Deckhand
    One final bonita shallow off of LWI while I was packing it in mid day.  I think the sunset bit may be good off LWI as lots of bait and bonita schools working but I'm not going back out. 

    I've tripled up on mahi and blackfin before solo, really becomes work for 2nd and 3rd fish if decent size.
    Jupiter 29FS
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