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Marathon Solo Sword

Got back in town after a few weeks at my other business. Had a last-minute cancel so decided to head for the swords grounds solo. Ran into some showers but nothing too bad. Sent up on first drift in 2000 and heading towards 1500.  With boat in and out of gear ran around 1.5 kts. Did not see any action for first hour +.  Covering some good bottom in 1700 and all the sudden the rod is not bent. I jump on the reel cranking fast and cannot feel the weight. Turn on the electric and bring it up to 1000’ and the line is straight out coming to the surface. It never jumped but around 900’ of line out started pulling more drag. Put boat in reverse to gain line and this part of the fight took 40 min to get the lead. Take the lead off at 140’ of leader left and start cranking. Slow going till 80’ out then the fight begins. We go back and forth; I gain to 50’ then he takes off to 100’. This back and forth goes on for 30-40 minutes. At 50’ I see him circling under the boat them all the sudden he comes straight up and jumps out of the water 30’ from the boat. During this crazy aerial he throws the hook but gets bill wrapped in the leader and the hook ends up in his tail. That just pissed him off and peels of another 60’ of line. After a couple more circles he is starting to tire out and I get a gaff shot and game over. Not a jumbo but a lot of fun solo. 67” LJF, 100’ fork to bill.







Another good day deep dropping in Marathon






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