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Current Regs for Motorized Craft

KeylimeSteveKeylimeSteve Brooklyn, NYPosts: 2 Greenhorn
I'm a displaced native Floridian but I do get my licks in when I can. When I lives in South Florida, I used a flat-back canoe with a small 4hp outboard, there was no need to register a boat under 10hp (hence the popularity of the 9.9.) From what I understand now, any motorized boat -gas or battery operated- must have a registration. Does this extend to an electric-motor on  a kayak? If this is the case, would an out-if-state vessel need some kind of registration? Thanks in advance, tight-lines.


  • Oldsmar GuyOldsmar Guy Posts: 40 Greenhorn
    Yeah, back in the good 'ol days, those 9.9s were pretty popular because of the old regs. Nowadays, if it has a motor on it, even electric, it has to be registered. I have a torqeedo on my kayak and had to get it registered. You also have to follow all the other rules, life vest, signaling devices, etc. 
  • krashkrash Posts: 685 Officer
    9.9 hp was way long ago... there are still some fresh water lakes/areas with that under 10hp restriction. There were lots of diy methods of trying to get around it, replace carb, tune, simply replace the caowling as many 9.9's were detuned 15's.

    The requirement to register has been around since at least the mid 90's as I was warne written warning, in Mingo at the ramp in my old Mohawk canoe with a trolling motor... it was a nightmare to register due to not having that simple "Statement of Origin" paper from the manufacturer as I bought the canoe used form a friend at work transferring out of state.. he used it on a private residential lake and was not required to have it registered. When I bought it I got a bill of sale fomr him but he did not have any idea where the SOO was.

    Out of state is a different issue, better check with LEO from the area where you will be... you will also need to get an out of state fishing license.

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • petedoggiedogpetedoggiedog Posts: 206 Deckhand
    way back before the 9.9 rule, anything over 10 hp had to be registered. i had a Wizard Super 10 outboard (made by mercury). it was actually an 18 hp motor. the state got tired of being "cheated", so they came up with the over 9.9hp rule. you just gotta pay the tax man.
  • petedoggiedogpetedoggiedog Posts: 206 Deckhand
    let me clear one thing up. i aint that old. the motor was a 1954 model to the best of my recollection, and i bought it in 1969, used from the original owner, who related the story to me.
  • Lake-LinkerLake-Linker Posts: 117 Deckhand
    I bought a 10 year old used Hobie and put a 2.5 Zuke on it. It's used almost exclusively in FL but I'm from WI - which also has the registration requirement for all motorized craft. (I believe all our neighboring states do as well)...Anyway,I contacted Hobie for an original certificate of origin and had it within days.

    The original manufacturer might be the best place to start with other brands of paddle craft as well.d
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