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The bite is back on for the fall! 10/3/19

Had some motor troubles salt this morning but took it to the mechanic and he got it fixed and we headed out to Keaton beach and got out on dead low and the fishing was dead but slowly picked up we caught endless short trout and I picked up a 20 inch red early on then caught several 16-19inch trout and then caught a 24 inch red later on , caught a couple catfish and ladyfish and right before we were going to leave my buddy hooked up with a nice 34 1/2 inch cobia and we managed to land it on the trout rig after about 5-10 minutes, all in all A hopeless day because of the motor turned into a awesome day full of tight lines it’s that time of year again!! My first post ever btw haha figured I’d make it a good one 


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