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Diving JAX/St. Augustine

dontezumadontezuma Posts: 250 Deckhand
Hey, gang.. I'm a relatively new diver, but the whole family got certified last year, and I'm itching to plan a dive on the wrecks off of JAX that I regularly fish.  I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on best times of year for water clarity, or other conditions I might consider.  Obviously, summer would have warmer water and more potential pelagics like cobia and kings swimming about, but I'm not clear (pardon the pun) on whether visibility would be better in the summer or winter, whether the winter activity would be so slow as to make it not worthwhile, etc.  Obviously temps are colder in the dead of winter, but in terms of activity, I think a summer plan is likely most fruitful.  Thoughts? 

Also, looking to identify some dive buddies for such a trip as well.  I have a 19' boat, so I think I can do 4-5 people tops.  

Looking forward to hearing from you all...


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