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Archery. Release. Lifespan?

spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 2,736 Captain
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I guess I need to inspect my release more often...
I stepped out at first light this morning, for my last target practice before my quota hunt.  3 arrows.  20 yards. First shot solid bullseye.  Good.  Second shot, I quick drew and released.  Drifted a tad right, but still prob a kill shot.  I'm ready for that buck.

About half way pulling back on the third draw and,  Whamm!!  That hurt.. my arm and my face lol  geez  Trigger came off the wrist band.  I haven't really used the release that much.  I only pulled it out of storage a month ago.  Maybe a couple hundred shots with it.  It could possibly be quite a bit more I guess.  It's about a year old.
BUT, I'm sure af glad it happened before my hunt!!!  Gonna have to buy the same piece of crap one tho since it's what I'm used to now.  Really wanted to get the finger grip release next..  well, I will, just won't use it on this hunt.
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  • gritsnhuntin1gritsnhuntin1 Posts: 1,181 Officer
    Always have two of the exact same release and carry them both when hunting. You never know when something like this or some other issue could arise. I had an extra for my son once when he lost his walking in to his stand one afternoon. Never did find it either. We looked quite a few different times.
  • creekgeekcreekgeek Posts: 1,078 Officer
    I've shot the same relatively cheap cobra for 20+ years. And I have one just like it that has never been opened but is always in the hunting box.
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