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Seahorse 9/27/19

m9000m9000 Posts: 2,136 Captain

Headed out for Spanish today.  We planned to chum and drift live shrimp with the incoming tide on Seahorse.  We set up at 8 am with a low tide at 7:30 am.  We used a block of chum and caught only 2 Spanish over 1 hour, but 1 was 4.0 lbs.  We then tried trolling along the edge of the reef and picked up about 4 more Spanish. We had multiple hits from small bluefish, blue runners and lady fish.  


We the headed over to the dry dock and trolled the edge.  We had three strikes, but none stuck.  We then headed to the King hole and trolled a Stretch 25 with several Spanish lures on top. The stretch hooked a 4 lb Spanish. We then headed back to Seahorse to catch the outgoing tide. An hour of trolling yielded 4 Spanish, all over 3 lbs. 


The fish hit free lined shrimp, spoons, buck tail jigs and grub bodies.  It doesn’t look like the Spanish are on the reef in great numbers, but are catchable if you work hard and keep trying different lures.  Substantial bait schools were on the reef.  The weather was very nice and the wind dropped to 5 knots around noon.  Water visibility was fair and very little floating week was seen on seahorse.  We ended up with about 10 spanish.


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