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Spartan Mosquito Eradicator

I purchased a two pack from Alachua Farm and Lumber and put them out on either side of our yard.  Like it says on the box, "95% of mosquitoes eliminated in 2 weeks is absolutely true!  They last 90 days.  I was so impressed i went and purchased 2 more to see if they would make a dent in the swarm at two of my tree stands.  I hung one on each stand on the mid-ladder brace two weeks before season and hunted them the past two weekends and didn't even have to turn on my thermacell!  They use male mosquito pheromones to attract the females.  Once you shake them up to activate I smelled them and there isn't a noticeable smell to them and the deer under my stand didn't even look at them so...  They are $20 for 2 tubes.  I see you can get them on Amazon as well.  Best thing I have found in a long time.


  • gladesmangladesman Posts: 1,362 Officer
    Therma Cell fan here also but Immediately googled the product upon reading this post. All looked good. Then looked for reviews and ran into this https://colinpurrington.com/2019/08/spartan-mosquito-eradicator/    This person seemed to be knowledgeable on mosquitoes and dove deep. Not here to dispute your experience with some good mosquito days but possibly natural or unnoticed conditions had something to do with them.

  • Florida BullfrogFlorida Bullfrog Posts: 4,240 Captain
    My local hardware store has been advertising them for a while but I never looked into them. For hunting I got into refilling my own thermacells and at home I smoke my porch most evenings by throwing some punky wood in the meat smoker and letting it smolder a few hours. That's very effective for the porch but does little for the wider yard. I'll check out the Spartan. 
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