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    Thanks guys for all the advice, Ill keep my eye on ebay when I get the extra cash and look at the bajas a little more.

    Tucker I don't know if you're close to St.Pete but I was in Dogfish Tackle the other day , they had a few Baja reels all spooled up on nice rods (used) for a good price.
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    Glad to see that many anglers know about the Baja Special 113HN; its a great reel, although the perception may be that it's "just" a narrow 4/0 Senator.
    Compared to a "regular" Senator 113, the 113HN has upgraded drag, upgraded gears, upgraded anti-reverse, more ball-bearings [6 vs. 2], upgraded frame, upgraded handle, and for those who may want to cast it has the "disengaging pinion gear" for better freespool. Also "Made in USA".
    Besides the reversible harness lugs, it also allows the option of orientating the gear box "forward" or "rearward" as you see fit; in my experience its about 70/30 in favor of "forward".
    The "narrow 4/0" size holds over 500 yards of 80-pound braid.
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