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The best of Florida fishing and hunting

Our Florida offers not only world class fishing, but also outstanding hunting opportunities.
For those who do not own their own boat headboat fishing is enjoyed by thousands from one end of our state to the other. And, not only is the expense shared by many, but someone else does all the work while we have all the fun.
Don't have a lot of time? Half-day fishing can be not only exciting, but extremely productive:

Want more? Like to 'hunt' Hogs'?
Captain Frank would love to take you on an all day trip deep into the Gulf of Mexico:

Want even more? Extended over-night trips to such places as the Florida Middle Grounds and beyond offer the serious angler fishing that often defies the imagination.
Mid September, 2018, Mr. Larry Miller and friends lead the way:

September 13, 2019, this could be a rough one.
Here is where a 72' long, 25' wide, catamaran is really appreciated:

Larry, a good friend, fishes both on the Florida Fisherman ll as well as the frozen waters of Amherstburg, Canada.
He is a real gentleman and an outstanding fisherman.
If it swims, Larry Miller can and will catch it:

Larry, that looks like a jackpot winning Gag Grouper:

Amherstburg is a 'little' different from Florida:

And it's so far away, like over 1,200 miles, and so far north:

Speaking of 'far north'... I did not realize how far north Maine is until I looked at the map.
I have harvested deer in the very high, snow covered, mountains of Jackmon, Maine. What a thrill for this Florida native:

On these extended-hour trips actual fishing time can be twenty hours or more. Rest, good food, ice cold drinks, and air-conditioned bunks are essential:

And, never to be left out, is outstanding fishing:

It's been a long, rough, trip. How rough? Listen to John Martin (video at end) as he tells us how rough. Regardless, that BIG Cat did it's thing, and the fishing was fantastic.
Per Captain Dylan Hubbard:
"They had a great trip, it was one of the best grouper and snapper bites they have seen in awhile over 40 keeper grouper tons of mangroves the big mahi were even better!"
Late Saturday evening:

But before we hit our ever so cool, comfortable, bunks for the long ride home,

Back at the dock:

Larry, that looks like a jackpot winning Gag Grouper.
It was!

Think 'great catches' year after year are an accident?
Think again! Dedicated fishermen/women, the finest equipment, and the most experienced Captains is what Florida headboat fishing is all about:

This from September, 2017:

I was going to show this as my mystery fish. Several fish look very similar. Decided to share what my FWC biologist friends had to say:
"Red hind has same size spots all over and the black margins on the tail and fins"

Check out the video of the trip:


  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    Our Florida offers not only world class fishing, but also outstanding hunting opportunities.
    None better than the pride of Eustis Florida's, Bear Bridge Ranch.
    Talk about a lodge to remember:

    Like relaxing in your own private spa before bed time:

    Not to be left out... Fishing!
    Fishing from a dock or a boat in this private, very well-stocked, lake:

    And, like the Florida's Captains, Professional Guide Mr. Scott Maybury is the best of the best. Scott, an armed service veteran, makes absolutely sure his guest see plenty of game.
    Feed them and they will come; feed them he does:

    Even if you never pull that trigger, just being one-with-nature is what life at Bear Bridge Ranch is all about.
    Love to hunt hogs? The three day hunts offer plenty of time for enjoying the lodge, fishing, and the best part... We can harvest 2 any size hogs. You will see some really BIG boys that will test your skills to the limit.

    What an honor sharing with you...
    'The best of Florida fishing and hunting'
    Up next, October 11, 2019, a Florida Fisherman ll forty-four hour snapper trip, and then, in November, another three day hunt at Bear Bridge Ranch.
    Complete reports to follow. Better yet... Join me for thrills of a life time. 

  • GeetchGeetch St. Pete and JasperPosts: 228 Deckhand
    Serious question, do Hubbard's, bear bridge, the other one (something and hog) let you fish and hunt for free or at a discounted rate for all the advertising you do for them on this site?
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited September 2019 #4
    I advertise for NO ONE! 
    I am a Florida native who views sharing as payback for living a life time in Paradise.
    I have been completely retired for over 15 years. I intend to keep it that way!
    I do what I want, when I want, and where I want. 
    As far as "this Sight" goes, F/S is one of the very best forums on the Internet.
     However, I share our Florida as far north as New Jersey and as far West as California, and all parts in-between. 

     It's things like this that keep me going...
    "prior to moving down here from Ohio I would log on later in the day on Sundays hoping Bob had a report posted. Bob's posts and videos kept Florida fishing closer to me than the 1200 mile drive.  It all kept the dream alive.  I would sit in my living room back in Ohio and watch every video Bob posted to gather any info I could. In October 2009 I took my first 39 hour trip.  I've been on several now as well as their other trips. Bob's posts, keep in mind...there might be some kid in Ohio living vicariously through it."

    My latest video on last week's 44 hour trip has now been viewed 936 times all over the country in the first two days. Sportsman/women just cannot get enough of Florida. I give it to them! 
    I share my adventures as I have been doing for well over 1/2 a century. 
    As an active member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association I am serious about providing the most compete picture I possibly can. If I do not report who, what, when, where, and how I would not be doing so. 
    I do get generous discount with both Hubbard's as well as Bear Bridge. Anyone who fishes & hunts these, and many other places, on a very regular basis often get discounts... YOU CAN TOO! 

    "there might be some kid in Ohio living vicariously through it."  
    Wish more would share their 'living in Paradise' adventures with 'some kid in Ohio' ! 
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 17,098 AG
    edited September 2019 #5
    It took a while, but he answered your question, Geetch:

    harbison said:
    I do get generous discount with both Hubbard's as well as Bear Bridge.

      Thanks for being honest, Bob, and I'm glad to read you're back and out on the water.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited September 2019 #6
    Thank you sir. Greatly appreciated.
    I try my best to always be honest.
     I began sharing our Florida in the sixties when I hunted Avon Park, Richloam, Green Swamp, Ocala, and Aucilla. The FWC greatly appreciated what I did. Decided I wanted more... Hunted Madison County's Buck & Boar for 20 years. The Club and the many members I wrote about greatly appreciated what I did. 
    Started fishing the Florida Middle Grounds with Hubbard's in the mid seventies. They did, and still do, greatly appreciate what I do. From the very positive feedback I get the people I write about appreciate what I do even more than the Marina. I send, free of charge, my complete report, with video, to whomever wants it. This is what keeps me going. 
    Sir, I am now 77 years old & 1/2 crippled. Unfortunately I can no loner do many of the things I once did. 
    On the boat there is always someone more than willing to help me.
    Loved hunting Buck & Boar. The scouting, setting up and maintaining stands, and cleaning hogs was a lot of work. My wife, my hunting partner for 39 years, was with me every step of the way. We were much more than husband/wife; we were a team!

    Shortly after our last hunt together cancer took her. A lot of me went with her. 
    I tried going back alone to Buck & Boar. It was way too much for me to take. 
    On the boat, as well as both Bear Bridge and Two Guys & A Hog, everyone understands and works with me both mentally and physically. Sharing my adventures is what keeps me going. That, and my daughter, Dee, is all I have left to live for. Even our youngest daughter, Betty, is now with her Mom in Heaven. 

    I have had numerous operations, a replaced hip, and a very bad knee. Regardless, I intend to be, "back and out on the water", and in the woods as long as I possibly can. 
    I offer this in the hope that it offers a better understanding of what, who, Bob really is and why I do what I do. 

  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 758 Officer
    Geetch said:
    Serious question, do Hubbard's, bear bridge, the other one (something and hog) let you fish and hunt for free or at a discounted rate for all the advertising you do for them on this site?
    Look dude, many of us have called Bob out about this. Some of us have given him suggestions on how to better present it. I think he listened. I like his reports.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited September 2019 #8
    " I think he listened. "   
    I listen closely to real sportsmen/women who offer constructive suggestions as to how to better present our Florida and try to act accordingly. I appreciate the advice. 
    On the other hand they are also 'haters' on here that contribute little to nothing while trying to start a fight and keep it going. This is NOT our Florida; is not what sportsmanship is all about. 

    "I like his reports" Thank you!   Any suggestions as to how I can do better, please let me know.

    I have a suggestion...
    I write about the Florida Fisherman ll because that is all I know. There is another head boat that fishes many of the same areas we do, the GULFSTAR.
    The GULFSTAR has a very good reputation, but little is known about her. 
    I shot this picture from the deck of the Florida Fisherman ll while fishing the Florida Middle Grounds...

    We were fishing next to her. How well did the STAR do? Who knows? No one shared!
    Would be really great to see regular reports with on the water pictures & video from the GULFSTAR. 
    Point of interest... The GULFSTAR is in strong competition with Hubbard's Marina. 
  • LostconchLostconch Posts: 960 Officer
    I like to see Bob's reports
     Especially when I am traveling. Lived on Redington beach for many years so his posts are nostalgic for me.
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited September 2019 #10
    Thank you so much. Sir, it's a real honor sharing our Florida with you.
    It's peoples like you that encourage me to keep on doing what I am doing. 
    To me 'nostalgic' is the name of the game. By being there with a camera these happy days on the water will be remembered forever: 

    Those big smiles are for real. 

  • SuperMutuSuperMutu Posts: 478 Deckhand
    I don’t mean to speak for you, Bob.  But it is probably important to point out that Bob does not even fish when he is out on Hubbard’s.  He is out there solely for the adventure and to have something to write about. 

    It is not not like he is getting a free fishing trip.  Boat ride?  Perhaps. 

  • harbisonharbison Posts: 5,016 Admiral
    edited September 2019 #12
    Thanks for the clarification. You are 100% correct!
    And now the rest of the story:
    Fished Tampa Bay for trout, tarpon, cobia, sharks for many years. Started fishing the Gulf in the early sixties for kings, snapper, and grouper.
    In 1976 I found my true love, fishing the Middle Grounds on the headboat
    Florida Fisherman l:

    Fished hard for many years on her. Back then we could sell our catch. I easily paid for my trips and much more. 
    Then came the Florida Fisherman ll. 

    Great fishing machine. I was still fishing hard as well as sharing my adventures with other sportsmen/women. My still camera was always with me. Around ten years ago I began taking video and sharing on the water action movies from the Florida Middle Grounds. People could not get enough of my videos. Request for more videos were coming from all over the country. I found editing video to be a real time consuming challenge, but I love doing it. 
    Decision time:
    I have always given 100% to everything I do; as such... Do I devote full time to fishing or photography?  One had to go!
    By that time I had caught every fish that could be caught many times over. Since photography was in such demand I decided to devote full time to what means so much to me, sharing our Florida. I have been doing so ever since, and loving it!   My last video on the 44 hour full moon trip, 9/13/19, has been viewed 1.1 thousand times and counting in the first 4 days after publication. 
    "He is out there solely for the adventure and to have something to write about." 
     Absolutely true! To me writing about it is every bit as rewarding as the adventure itself. 
    I have also been hunting ever since the late forties. Today I still love to 'pull-that-trigger'! 
    My camera is always with me:

    I am very proud to be a Florida native. Sharing our Paradise has long been a passion with me. 
    To me this means more than anything else.  IT's...

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