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Warning - Defective Fuel Filter from Bass Pro - Fire Hazard!

Fish HaidFish Haid Posts: 8,417 Admiral
I just bought a screw-on can-type water-separating fuel filter from Bass Pro Shops. It was apparently their house brand. Installed, but had to remove next day in order to trace an issue (turned out to be collapsed hose).

Anyhow, when I took the filter off after just 24 hours, I notice the rubber gasket on the top of filter can had swollen significantly. So much, that it would not longer come close to sitting in the groove. This is a major flaw which will almost certainly lead to premature failure and a fuel leak. Wrong polymer was used to make the gasket. The gasket should be fuel resistant. I'm guessing they just use a cheap Chinese oil filter with their logo painted on it.

I returned it and told the manager to pull them from the shelves. I intend to notify their corporate office. I have some photos, but they are at home. I will try to remember to post tonight.


  • RangermanRangerman Titusville FLPosts: 84 Deckhand
    Good warning.  I have had problems with other Bass Pro house brand stuff.  I bought a pack of Bass Pro house brand swivels with "50 lb test" printed on the package.  I had one break with a nice fish on with 40 lb line.  The swivel broke and not the line.  I have my own fishing line knot and hardware tester and I tested the rest of the swivels.  The remaining "50 lb test" swivels all broke from 24 to 29 lb.  Not a single one exceeded 30 lb.
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