Well. That was interesting…

Hello folks!

It’s been nearly two months since my trip to the 10K – but, better late than never, right?

This one’s long, so apologies in advance. In fact, it was so long I couldn't post it here, so here's a link :)


'Till next time.

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  • BobberBobber Officer Posts: 939 Officer
    Ah, so you did survive!

    Link no worky.....
  • hhfishermanhhfisherman Deckhand Posts: 110 Deckhand
    Thank you for the very well written report. It was better later then never. We were wondered about you. Sorry about the catfish. There was a recent post about someone got stabbed by a cat fish barb.  I hope your next trip to the 10K island will be much better.
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Greenhorn Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    Should be good now Bobber ;)
  • nobleonenobleone Greenhorn Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    Hot ****!  MOB, the 10k is for certain an unforgettable memory maker, good and not as good, but it is all good.  What a marvelous report, I know "why you do this". Consider yourself hooked (and spined as it were. I too learned never to kick a catfish the hard way), now you have to come back to build on your experiences.  If you do get a chance, let us know.  Thanks for the report and vicarious pleasures.

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  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Officer Naples, FLPosts: 1,135 Officer
    Sorry for your troubles, but thank you for sharing your experience with us. A very well written article. I enjoyed it very much.
    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Greenhorn Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the comments, guys. It was amazing, and I'll definitely go back - just maybe in April next time ;)

    As for the foot, I appreciate your consideration. Of course, it's all self-inflicted. And, frankly, still worth it.

    Tight lines,

  • biglarbiglar Deckhand Posts: 160 Deckhand
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    Very well done and very enjoyable.  I hope I can learn from it and avoid those spines when my time comes.  Soon now.  Thank you.
  • BobberBobber Officer Posts: 939 Officer
    You're a good writer, entertaining and informative. 
    Next time this mangrove fever seized you, give me a coupla weeks advance notice and I'll arrange to be in the area at the same time.
    No way I'm camping out there in the summer but I can be a support skiff.
    Btw, a boga grip or cheaper imitation is a safe way to handle cats without getting spined, plus you can try for the world record catfish flip distance. If the customs guy gives you any hassle about it, just tell him him it's your **** clamp,he'll pass you right thru.
    Right Nick?
  • Master of BaitMaster of Bait Greenhorn Posts: 67 Greenhorn
    Hahahahaha! Sounds like a plan. I hadn't thought about the boga - or the flip tossing. Will definitely go that route next time around.
  • Lake-LinkerLake-Linker Greenhorn Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    Thanks,MoB. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Thanks,Bobber,for your part. That was awesome of you.

    I'll be there for 2 weeks this January...but I put a motor on my kayak (ala KeyWestKayakFishing - youtube channel) so I can spend the days out in the 10K but spend my nights sleeping comfortably in a trailer at Collier Seminole SP.
    Last year I spent a week in 10K and 8 weeks in the lower keys. This year I took a week from the Keys portion and added it to my time in 10K. The more time I spend in the Glades/10K,the more time I WANT to spend there.

  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Captain Posts: 3,402 Captain
    sounds like a plan.... and that's the way most of us feel about the 'glades....
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  • hellsgatehellsgate Greenhorn NaplesPosts: 43 Greenhorn
    Fantastic narrative.   I fish the area, by kayak, 2-4 times a week. Always an adventure. 
  • hellsgatehellsgate Greenhorn NaplesPosts: 43 Greenhorn
    I have tried to bushwhacked a kayak through a insanely tight mangrove river.  What you had to do to empty the kayak, with the foot issue, would have been an Olympian effort
  • nightflynightfly Officer Posts: 504 Officer
    Great read. Thanks for sharing 
  • JWTJWT Officer Posts: 607 Officer
    great story! interesting & entertaining, & somewhat cringe worthy cause as soon as i saw "catfish", i knew it was going to have a place in the story. getting spined is horrible, but most everyone has had to learn the hard way!
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