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Mount Battery Question

DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand

I have 1890 and both trolling batteries are mounted in front hatch in front of the cooler spot, just before the anchor space. Starting to get some cracks in the fiberglass in that location, prob due to weight and slamming of the bow during rough weather. Also some holes from previous battery trays are starting to get bigger...but thats besides the point.

Where are your trolling batteries mounted, all AC models?

After I get the fiberglass cracks fixed/reinforced, should I mount the trays to starboard then secure that to the hull? Any ideas to improve my config?



  • VeroDDVeroDD Posts: 321 Deckhand
    My 1720 trolling batteries are mounted under the console seat.
  • dholleydholley Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    Hey Dan - console seat on my 1890. Big enough for group 29 or 31 batteries and less wear and tear on the batteries and the boat. You will also pick up some speed by moving the weight out of the bow. Taking my loaded 80 lb pelican cooler off the bow is good for 1-2 mph.
  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Thanks guys. I use the console area for storage, especially when on a family day. Not willing to give it up....yet.

    Question, what gauge wiring are using for that long of a run? 6Awg or 8Awg? I assume the wire is being run from the console to the stern area then back up to the bow?
  • Knot LeftKnot Left Posts: 72 Greenhorn
    I think mounting in the forward compartment works better than mounting under the seat.
    I put one house battery under console and the two trollers up front secured to well anchored trays.
  • RTB83RTB83 TexasPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    What about housing them under the bench seat? In rough water having three deep cells in the front of my 2020 can make things even rougher. 
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