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Help me build two setups

kangadrewkangadrew Posts: 42 Deckhand
I'm putting together two inshore setups, detailed below. Looking for recommendations on what to have put together:
  • First is a beach snook/pompano rig. Jigs for pompano, flukes for snook (and occasionally whitebait). I also want this to work for bonefish on the flats, we fish the Pacific where there are 5-8+ lb bonefish to be caught. It should work with jigs for peacock bass too, but that's definitely not the primary purpose.
  • Second is more of a beater rig for sheepshead and mangrove snapper around the docks. 
What lengths, rod powers, reel sizes, lb braid would you recommend for this? In order to build the best setup possible for the combination. 

Tight lines,


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,561 Captain
    7 or 7 1/2' medium rod with 15 or 20 lb braid.  That one rod will do both duties or get a shorter rod for the sheepshead and mangroves.  Spool it with the same or 8-10 lb mono.
  • Capjohnson.mikeCapjohnson.mike Posts: 105 Deckhand
    I like versatile gear. I fish my 7’ crowder 15 braid on a Penn Clash 30# for everything you listed and some. Awesome rod for the price. Best warranty out there...I’ve landed 42” snook, peas, reds, pompanos, bass, snapper, tarpon and more with this set up...it’s my go to inshore set up. 

    Obv. If I’m targeting bigger game and live baiting I’ll pull out my bigger combos. But a crowded and clash is an awesome set up. 
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 801 Officer
    dont over think it.....catching is about location and presentation. I love my penn battle 2 combos in 2500 size and spinfisher combo in 6500 size.
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