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By now if you have seen my posts, you know I love me some Yankeetown Fishin! 

I have been try to get my buddy on the water now for 3 years and we finally had an opportunity where he came to the states and we were able to set aside some time and get on the water. We went out this past Friday (7/26) very skeptical if we were even going to be able to get on the water. The radar looked terrible and was 50+ percent chance of Scattered Thunderstorms all day, so what did we do.... We went anyway to see if we could get out for a couple hours between a couple cells. To my surprise we able to get out and had perfect weather and glass calm waters for 5 hours. 

Launched out the 40 ramp and headed north to a few spots I have been wanting to try. After just a few seconds after pulling up to the first spot, we saw mullet jumping and baitfish all over. We found a few pinch points where the water was funneling between oyster bars that opened up into larger pockets. We stayed there for a little while and picked them off one by one. After catching a handful or redfish and black drum, we moved into these pockets as the tide rolled in. 

Once in these pockets, we saw Snook crashing bait and reds pushing wakes but couldn't get any of them to cooperate. We tried topwater, suspending twitch baits, and even live shrimp and nothing would get them to connect. We did have a few strikes on the topwaters and saw a huge Spanish mackerel jump out of the water at least 6 feet! After an hour of so messing around with those fish with no hook ups we decided to move on.

At the next couple of spots we caught a lot of redfish all between the 16 - 18" range. It was fun for a while but wasn't too challenging and we wanted to catch some bigger fish so we moved on to one last spot before the rain moved in. At this spot we caught a couple larger redfish and a couple more black drum. Overall caught about 25 fish in a 5 hour period. Moral of the story is, find the current, find the mullet, find the bait, and you will find the fish! 



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