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"Alaska Adventures" July 2019

         We decided to do an Alaska road trip this summer. Having been there once before we had an idea of where and what to do. Of course fishing is involved, so stick with it , it's coming. Trip was for two weeks with me being able to squeeze in 3 fishing trips. Flew to Anchorage, rented a car and started out heading north. Plan was to head toward Denali park, then back southwest to Seward an then on to the Kenai river area, then down south to Homer, with a trip across the Kachemak Bay to Seldovia, then back to Anchorage and home. 
          Rented a cabin in the Talkeetna area and had three little adventures. First one a ride on a jet boat up the Susitna River for 60 miles ending up at Devils Canyon which has class 5 rapids. Captain took the boat right up in the rapids.

Second one was a trip out into the wilderness on the flag train, which dropped us off and we rafted back down the river for 15 miles right into down town Talkeetna.

Third round of thrills for this old guy was a mad dash ATV trip up into the foothills of the Denali mountain range.

It was then time to recover and head toward Seward , where we were scheduled for a fishing trip out in the Gulf of Alaska with the targeted species Silver Salmon and Ling Cod. I wanted Ling Cod on our last trip, but the weather was major rough and we ended up staying in the bay and only catching salmon. Guess what? We get there and weather is rough, and seas big. Captain still headed out, slow, and slower. Right away started fishing for silvers(cohos). They started coming over the rail.

  Then the seas caught up to Gail, yes seasick! She never gets sick. So she sat down and took it easy. Our limit was done on the salmon(three each), so we switched to bottom fishing and in no time had our limit of rock bass.(four each).

While all this catching was going on Gail was sitting down next to a rod that was set our for Ling Cod. It goes down and she picks it up and she has the only Halibut of that trip. We weren't after those, but it was a nice surprise. No ling cods, so I am still looking. The glory pic.

We recovered from that outing, and we needed it. Rough day and lots of fish means wore out. Next place on the road trip, the Kenia river, where we were after trophy King salmon and red salmon(sockeye). We had a cabin where we would stay 4 nights with two days fishing. Well the sockeye were running with big numbers but the Kings not so much. They have a problem with the King fishery(too much pressure). Back trolled for kings with one person on our boat actually getting one. Small but a king. That was it on king fishing. Sockeye was a different story. The run was approaching large numbers and we had our fun trying to snag our limit. We actually spend a lot of time getting our limits.(3 each).


We fished one day and took a day off. Enjoyed the local sites. Watch combat fishing down at the mouth of the river. The locals get to net the sockeyes coming in. Day two was the same with no kings but plenty of fun with the sockeyes.

That ended our fishing. Believe it, we tried hard to keep our processed fish right at 50 lbs, so that one box would be shipped. It came out at 54#. We had halibut, rock bass, 15lbs of cold smoked sockeye, and the rest of the sockeye and silvers  cut into 6 oz servings. All being shipped over night FedEx. 
Packed up and headed south to Homer. Picked up a tour boat to sleepy Seldovia across the Kackemak Bay and planned our end to the trip to be a relaxing 2 nights. But, it just happened to be the annual "FlyIn" in Seldovia and it was party time! Small planes were coming from all over the Kenai peninsula.

Little old Seldovia partied into the night. Well, it has to end, and we hopped on one of those small planes and headed back to Homer.

Stayed the night in Homer with a meal of King Crabs at famous Patti Seafood restaurant. Packed the next day and drove to Anchorage and headed home. Quite an adventure. Alaska has to be one of my favorite places to go. This road trip allowed us to really enjoy it up close and personal and I(well Gail too) got to fish!! Enjoy.




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