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Simrad transducer question - new 3 in 1 vs Totalscan

FLandMEFLandME Posts: 11 Greenhorn
Changed out my Go9 for an NSS Evo3 12” as I got the FL Marine Tracks chips.  Very happy with both.  The NSS is very clear, the size is much better for dual screen use and the video quality on the charts is much better. 

That at being said, I was able to simply use the power cord and transducer cord from the Go9 without having to fish a new line for the transducer so that made things easy.  However, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the new 3 in 1 transducer Simrad is selling now versus the older Totalscan that is on my boat now.  Is there any meaningful performance advantages.  I have been told there is better target separation and it can overlay two sonars on one screen for better fish finding abilities.  

Any experienced feedback back is most welcomed.  Thanks.  


  • StoneCrab_ManStoneCrab_Man FloridaPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    I have a 167 CK that I just repowered with a 2019 Yamaha 115 SHO. Decided to upgrade the electronics as well.  Was going towards the Garmin 12”, but my longtime friend, Glenn Housman, convinced me to go with Simrad NSS12 Evo3. He loaded his FL Marine Tracks chip in it and I was sold. Garmin does not have the computing power like the Simrad. I had ordered the Total Scan, but when at the Feb. 2019 Miami Boat Show, I stopped by the Simrad booth and they explained that the new Active Imaging had more software upgrades and better screen detail. So, I returned the Total Scan and purchased the Active Imaging. The side scan is ideal for my use. Love it!
  • StoneCrab_ManStoneCrab_Man FloridaPosts: 3 Greenhorn
    BTW, you can display 3 sonars on the screen. Downs can, Echo and Side Scan. 
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    I have the Lowrance LIve units on the console and bow of my Egret.  On my transom I have structure scan 3D and an in hull chirp transducer.   On the bow I have the 3 in 1 transducer mounted on the foot of my trolling motor.  My Dad has the 3 in 1 on the transom of his bass boat.   The 3 in 1 seems to read really good with the Live units.   I see a lot of complaints about how it reads with the Carbon units.   Not sure if your new Simirad is more comparable to the processing power of the Live or not.   My guess is it is more comparable with dual core processors so it should read well.   I have no experience with the Total Scan. 

    You mentioned the ability to overlay the sonar and down scan, which is called Fish Reveal.   That is a feature I am thoroughly unimpressed with.   It gives way way to many false readings.  It makes all the interfence in the water look like fish arches.   I do a ton of deep water searching for stripers and I still find it most effective to split my screen with traditional sonar and downscan to really get a clear picture of what you are seeing.   

  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,390 Officer
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    I switched from the Total Scan to the 3 in 1 on my Simrad NSS Evo 3. Once they released the update it worked flawlessly and the picture on side scan and down scan is much clearer and defined for sure. I would say a 25% improvement. You need to make sure you have it installed and level with the hull for it to work at speed on the transom. It will bolt up to the total scan mount. But will need to be adjusted due to it bigger and will stick down more.

  • FLandMEFLandME Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Thanks so much guys for the info.  Greatly appreciated.  
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