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Shopping for Inflatable PFD's

Nick NikonNick Nikon Posts: 3,085 Captain
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Almost finished restoring our vintage Scanoe, and plan to be using it soon.

( fresh water lakes and inshore salt are the primary destinations )

My wife wants to replace our old-style, foam based, vests with inflatable PFD's.

Her primary concern is comfort, but mine are quality and performance.

The listings we've seen are somewhat confusing ... and many are out of stock.

Are any of the major brands made in the USA?

( I'd rather not bet our butts on a Chinese product, but there might not be a choice. )

Bass Pro, Cabela's, REI, and Academy, are all reasonably close.

( Of course, Wally-World and the Amazon monster always loom on the horizon. )

Auto / manual operation are probably the only "must have" features. 

( A choice of color would make my wife happy, but it's certainly not a priority. )

Any suggestions, observations, or warnings, would be appreciated.


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