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? Need for underwraps on guides

InstaGatorInstaGator Posts: 228 Deckhand
forum members:  i hae always used underwraps on my guides but I am considering a new build in which I would like to go for a different look, specifically no under wraps for the guides.  I did a search on this forum to see if this topic has been addressed before but I could not finad anything.  I thought I read somewhere before that underwraps were not necessary but I wanted to get everyones input before my build.  I always remove any nicks or rough spots on the guide feet.  What does everyone think?  Pros and cons, etc...  Thanks in adavnce for your thoughts


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,592 Captain
    Underwrap for heavy rods with heavy line and guides, no for everything else.
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,084 Captain
    An under-wrap serves as a protective layer between the blank and the guides.  With continual usage, guides without an under-wrap will cause some wear on the blank.  Unless you are continually fishing with the maximum pound line the blank is rated for, or have a bad habit of high sticking the blank, probably insignificant wear into the blank.  For me, the under-wrap offers peace of mind over actual benefit.  Lack of an under-wrap is a common indication of a low-end cheap quality rod in most circumstances.
  • ReelthiefReelthief Fort Lauderdale Posts: 127 Deckhand
    Generally dont use underwraps on rods under 20 lb unless its a decorative decision on double foot guides. I have been building rods for quite some time and have never had a failure and dont consider my rods low-end cheap quality. You certainly have to take some time and prepare your guides, which you should still do even if using an underwrap. There are varying opinions on the subject (like just about every subject on here). If you decide to do them you can still do an underwrap  without it showing, even on your larger rods. Good luck
  • rysherrysher Posts: 381 Deckhand
    underwraps main purpose is aesthetics.
    imagine a thread protecting a graphite, which is stronger, the thread or the graphite.
    try this, get a knife, slice a size d thread with one motion then do the same to the graphite.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 4,325 Captain
    Where under wrapping does show a benefit is on older rods with hard use, particularly on fiberglass conventional rods where you can see the abrasion shown where a conventional guide has been -without under wraps.  So builders were encouraged to do them...

    I still do under wraps on conventional rods for that reason.  I can also do the illusion of under wraps by using only fine, size A thread for a center on the blank before taping a guide in place then wrapping the guide with that same fine size A thread.  Done properly you can’t see the seam between the under center and the wraps that secure the guides...
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