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Crystal river 7 /20 scratching the itch

Bonnie and I had 1 day to get out and get the big bend flavor.
First  stop was to cool off and find a scallop or 2.
I got 5 quick then went to catching pin fish as no shrimp were to be found.Bonnie got 25 fairly quickly then off to drift and throw gulp.

We gulped it for a half hour , it was slow I got board. Off to inshore rock( could see the rack) Note when Bonnie gulps shes uses the old banjo cork screw method. Will refer back to this soon.
We dropped pin fish and got small grouper slams, then bonnie had a big boy rock her up and break off.I Had to listen to how big the fish was. Bla BLa....My turn, nice fish.Hum had a leader hanging out mouth with the old banjo cork screw on hook.24 1/8  grouper. I guess she did lose a nice fish.
Scallop and grouper dinner. 


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