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Bunk Carpet Wear

91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
I have a 2016 model 20'11" with an EZ Loader trailer.   It's the best trailer I've had but my carpet on my bunks wears very quickly.   It already needs to be replaced with about 300 hours on the motor...so not excessive use.   Have others experienced this problem?   I spray liquid rollers on my bunk carpet to help it go on and off much easier.  Has anyone tried Gatorbax as a replacement to the carpet?   From what I understand it holds up a lot better and does not scratch like starboard type bunk slicks but it grips the boat as well or even more than carpet.   I don't want something that forces me to put the trailer deeper to launch.  I fish alone a lot in SC winters and our ramps typically don't have docks right beside them.   So I have to climb in and out from the front and don't want to get my feet wet.   Just curious what kind of wear issues others are experiencing and what they have done to remediate.  


  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
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    My bunk carpet has worn well on the last boat and too early to say on the new one.
    I would replace with bunk carpet. It retains the least amount of water.
    My only problem with the Gatorbak is the cost along with the unknown on scratching the hull.If the product has ribs and soft to cushion the boat how does the ribs stay up to keep water out. If it's strong enough to keeps gaps between the hull then it will scratch it. When towing the boats moves and vibrates on the trailer no matter what and would hate to see anything dig and start wearing on the hull. I'd get a sample sent to you to see before I'd buy it and test it out.
    Some info here https://gatorbak.com/faq/
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    Phil, I share those concerns.  I did a good bit of reading on the bass boat forums last night and all the people that have tried Gatorbax say that have had no Hull scratches versus, bunk slicks where I have seen some really bad reviews for scratching.  

    My biggest concern is the slickness of it.  Some reviews say it grabs more than carpet.  I spray my carpet with Liquid rollers so it comes off easier.  Don’t want something that is harder to unload that I have to put deeper.  Loading is never a problem.  
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
    If the boat sticks more than carpet no go for me.
    Carpet and silicone spray all the way!
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    I tend to agree. I keep that carpet slick as an eel. Another owner called me today after seeing this post and suggested that my bunks may not be pivoting properly and I think he is right. There have been several times my bunks will still be in the vertical position even after I’m loaded. Could easily explain abnormal wear.
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
    yup make them rotate with some force not loose that they will fold over.
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