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Throttle cables

TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 530 Officer
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I have a Suzuki DF200A mechanical controls.  On my last two trips, I've had the throttle lever stick or hard to pull back while on plane.  One time I had to force it and almost went in reverse.  It's only happened once per day but now on two separate days.  

I'm putting the boat in the shop today for annual service and rough estimate is about $350-400 to replace the throttle cables "to be on the safe side".  

This is early 2015 Egret Moccasin 210 with 300 hours, it seems a little early to have this done.  Any one else experience this?


  • SpookSpook Posts: 152 Deckhand
    I had to do the same with my Egret this week but to be fair it is a much older boat and motor.  My problem was a cracked rigging tube that allowed the cables to get wet and then corroded.  This is on a Mercury motor but you may want to check your rigging tube for any damage.  
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