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Fat Baby

10 June 2019…Wabasso/Vero... Start fishing the ledges, suspect that a few real Grouper are in the river,  Had 2 unstoppables rock up in my neighborhood.  Started at Pine Island, bait all over.  Nothing at the North end or outside of the cut.  Cut produced short Snapper, Snook and Jacks.  Hobart Landing, once again, Meow City.  Again small Jacks and Snapper.  First surprise of the day, an 8.5 inch Lookdown.  Checked the mud for Reds, nothing.  North Sister, nothing close in.  Out on the flat, 3 short Trout, none big enough for an entry.  Next Stop, spoil islands.  Again, nothing close in, short Trout out on the flats.  Into Grand Harbor, first monster Snook, 18 inches, followed by a 14 inch Little Ugly.  A little bummed, missed an easy handling Tarpon.  Work the edge of the channel with a Rapala BX Minnow, looking for a slot or better Trout.  Not today, 12 inch Cubera Snapper and lost a mystery fish.  Long power run, turned and pulled the hooks.  Thinking big Cuda.  Lost one the was in the 20 inch range at the boat and have seen the 3 foot plus ones back in the Mangroves.  Estuary/Vero/Johns Island, second surprise of the day, a 16 inch Fat Snook, followed by a 20 inch real Snook.  Once again, in the nastiest water, popped a Tarpon, ok on the first jump.  Worked it hard and kept it down.  Net time, spooked and jumped off.  Played the Mangroves for Sheepies, only saw one, water pretty bad.  Did manage to salvage the day, 16 inch Trout out of the Mangroves for an entry.  Did not make full target for the day, 10 Snook, 9 Trout and 16 assorteds.  Sent all of the players home for another day.


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