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Boat Fire At Green Cove

MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
Pretty weak reporting in the news article article. Here is the backstory from the guy who's liveaboard boat caught fire and was sunk.

Neither the liveaboard or the two handling the gas had insurance.

Like they said in "old elpaso" - shi..happens, but most was the "hurry up" and bypass some safety procedures. On 19th this month, 3 guys preparing twin gasoline engine power boat for towing 2 salvage boats from St.Augustine. It was getting late when they fill up the tanks. Then they found out that one of the tanks was leaking. They got large external tank, set up on back deck and begin transferring the fuel from the leaking boat. I was in my boat in next slip when I hear and felt explosion - the boat just blew up. I went out to see what happen and saw the boat on fire - wind was blowing toward my boat. Run inside and grab my dog - Lucky. Try to untied my boat and get out of the flame way, but had too many lines(6). It was too hot and I had to get out. From distance, I watch my life burn out. The fire trucks arrive and put water on burning boats. They fill up my boat and the boat sunk. I had only liability insurance. Lesson learn - do not park next to gasoline boat.
Right now, I am in motel and waiting on a boat.

Multi boat fire at Green Cove.

Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.


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