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Trolling question

So my neighbor who is an excellent fisherman tells me that it is really to cold to troll around our area.  I think that the ocean temp is 74 degrees to like ten miles out right now.  I went once or twice in the last month, and he went Friday and we did not get a single knock down.  Can someone please verify this and suggest the temp when trolling will start to pick up?  I usually go within 10 miles of the inlet because I fish out of a 21 foot Nauticstar.

Thanks in advance!  
Noah B.


  • Frosty1Frosty1 Posts: 140 Deckhand
    Water temps were good this past weekend. Fished deep but it was 81 degrees at 24 miles, came in closer in the afternoon to 120 and it was 78 degrees. we caught 5 dolphin, bonita and cuda. Plenty of action and great day on the water, Get out there
  • MyMicheleMyMichele Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    IMO, water's plenty warm.  I look for 72+ for kingfish / 78+ for mahi & those temps have been around since mid May. Per FishTrack it is 78.8 at the beach & 77.7 at the weather bouy, then warms up again approaching the stream.
  • FlecFlec Posts: 674 Officer
    May is the best overall month for Dolphin trolling offshore. And right now water temps are prime, but in another two weeks or so the water temps will be above 80 and fishing(dolphin) will tale off, especially for the bigger fish. King mackerel should be good though and you won't have to run 20 miles to find them. 10 miles offshore is not far enough here for dolphin,wahoo,sailfish. You need to go to 70 feet plus which is more like 15 miles straight out of Sebastian. Once you get to clean blue water and 76-79 degrees temp, then start your trolling. Or don't start until you see signs of fish,baitfish,ect. Right now all water temps outside of Sebastian are over 75 degrees on the surface.
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,730 AG
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    Your neighbor is feeding you nonsense Noah....

    All fish have a preferred range of temperature...that along with baitfish migration ( also water temp related ) is why they MIGRATE up and down the coast. 

    It all depends on what fish you are targeting where the best action will be at any set time of the year. 
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  • ShoNuffNoahShoNuffNoah Edgewater, FLPosts: 165 Deckhand
    Thank you gentlemen! I appreciate the HONEST advice!  I fish out of Ponce but I imagine the temps are very similar to Sebastian with the given depths.   Friends have been doing well that run to the steeples out of Ponce, but no great reports within the 15 mile radius of the inlet as of yet.  I am hoping to try with more confidence this week!  
    Thanks again
  • MyMicheleMyMichele Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    ...so if you're truly limited to 10-15 miles of the coast, a trailer ride down to Fort Pierce/St. Lucie can get you to the stream 
  • gandrfabgandrfab Posts: 21,685 AG
    I have done a fair amount of my offshore fishing out of ponce we have seen mahi 5 miles from the inlet and have gotten into sails and mahi in 80' around structure, ledges. 
    We have had better luck fishing deeper.   
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 801 Officer
    slow trolling 10 miles out with live pogies and or mullet over reefs can get kings cobia cuda bonita jacks etc
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