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Looking for a fellow fisherman that needs a partner.

Jared HJared H Posts: 3 Greenhorn
 We are coming to southwest florida on June 5-19 I was hoping to find a fellow fisherman that wouldn’t mind showing me around so I can take my family out and have a good time. I will pay for gas,food, bait and anything else.
 I will gladly do the same in eastern Idaho/western Wyoming. I have boats and love fishing and mule deer and elk hunting. Thank you!!


  • 10kman10kman Posts: 795 Officer
       You might want to provide a few more details.Like what town will you be at,offshore
    or backcountry fishing and how early can you start because its hot by noon and how
    many in your family want to fish.I'm going to Europe for 2+weeks but will be back
    June 6th.Have a 18ft.Hewes Redfisher,good for backcountry.
  • Jared HJared H Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    We are staying in Marco island but I will travel. I will do any kind of fishing I can.  I have a family of 6 but I’m just looking to get me out and maybe my boy that’s 12 if possible to do some learning so I can rent some boats and take the family out to have a good time. We are in south Florida from June 5-19. Thanks for the reply!! I would love to go out with you. 
  • ChonggChongg Posts: 755 Officer
    I'm  in the opposite part of the state and cannot help you, but I can tell you this: if your budget allows it, hiring a guide would be worth every penny. 
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 795 Officer
    I would be happy to take you out fishing after June 8th.More than likely would meet you in Goodland,4 miles down the road from Marco.Send me e-mail to [email protected] and we will get together.Your son along is fine with me.
  • Jared HJared H Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    @10kman you are the best!! I messaged you my number. I sure appreciate it. 
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 795 Officer
       Jared H,did not receive any message.E-mail your address.I am not a Twitter,Facebook,texting
       kind of person.
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