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Has anyone here fished the C-23 Canal? And are there any other good freshwater spots to launch a yak from and fish for bass?  Any intel would greatly be appreciated. 

Heading up to spend time with family and I'm gonna bring the kayaks up. Winds are forecast (so far) to be out of the east at 10-15 thru the weekend so that pretty much rules out the Indian River at Jensen Beach.

Thanks much. Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day!!
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  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 858 Officer
    All right, I am PRETTY SURE we parked where the red circle is, right off of Murphy Road. If I remember right, it's a dirt lot and you can drop in right there. Especially in a kayak. From there, head east. I know...the winds, but hopefully you can stick close to shore until you get to where you can jump to the right and fish in that circular canal. We went at night and I'm pretty sure this is the exact area. We did all right, caught a couple snook. No bass, but that's pretty far east and the water is still salty. You can head west for more bass, but I don't know much about that part of the canal. 

  • inshore daveinshore dave Posts: 562 Officer
    Thanks Mikenav
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  • PhishingPhanaticPhishingPhanatic Posts: 457 Deckhand
    There is a ramp on the freshwater side of the spillway, off Boatramp Rd in Palm City.  There are fish in the canal, but not much structure, I've done better farther west, well past I-95.  It's loaded with tilapia, but there are bass and specks in there too.  Look for any culverts and fish around those.

    There are also plenty of healthy gators in there, just FYI.

    There is a park in PSL off Rosser Blvd called "Peacock Park", there is a big lake there and I've seen a lot of people dragging boats to fish.  It's mostly undeveloped around the banks, and looks pretty fishy.
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