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Naples/Marco area on foot end of May

MNmanMNman Posts: 23 Greenhorn
It will be my first time in the area, just looking for somewhere to start...I'm not even sure what I should be after:) Love to wade/cast at targets. Tackle/lure choices would be helpful too! thanks


  • AnEnglishFishermanAnEnglishFisherman EnglandPosts: 116 Deckhand
    It's not an area I've fished but I've seen plenty of mackerel, jacks and snapper caught on Naples pier and have seen snook and sheepshead under it as well. I've also seen people fish the passes at either end of Naples beach but I'm not sure what they were targeting. 
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 519 Officer
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    MN you have tons of great access in and around that area including Estero Bay from FMB to Bonita Springs, FMB itself, Lovers Key, Wiggins Pass park, miles of beach, plenty of inlets, bridges, etc.  I haven't fished as far as Marco so i can't help you there.

    7'ML to M rod, 2500 reel, 10 pound braid, 15-20 pound leader, 1/8 and 1/4 jig heads, some plastic bodies of your choice, a MirrOdine, a Got-Cha plug for wind, and your good to go.

    I posted links to some great wading info videos in a few threads below if you want to check them out.

    Good luck.
  • Team SabatageTeam Sabatage USA, USA, USAPosts: 12,973 AG
    Bridge between Naples and Marco.  lots of fish, lots of fishing.  You can wade on the gulf side of the bridge and cast for mangroves and trout with shrimp (DOA) under a popping cork and chartreuse sparkle, silver sparkle and silver jig tails, both paddle type and curly. 
    The inlet to Tigertail beach is a good place to cross out to South Point on the outside for some surf casting, but it can be a hike.  Farther than you think if you are carrying to much gear.

    Another option is to rent a kayak from Isle of Capri or Marco and explore the back country for the day.  Much better fishing and much easier to get to places to get out and wade.  You will need lots of water, sunscreen and a small piece of rope to tie off with while you wade.  Wear shoes (rays).   

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