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SebastianRedSebastianRed Posts: 22 Greenhorn
Hi all, I have never been to Jetty Park (Port Canaveral), but will be there next week with a group of dads/kids. Have looked at maps/pictures etc. I would prefer to fish on the beach rather than the pier if possible. Looks like that's not permitted in park itself, does anyone know how far I will have to go to fish the beach? Thanks in advance, Brian


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    Brian if you are staying in the park it will be a long walk or you can drive down to "Cherie Down park" (not far) and try there... but if the weather is nice and its a weekend.. well its a zoo on the beach.... and if you don't have a cart then the walk gets even longer...but i have fish from the beach right at jetty park next to the rocks where most bathers don't deal with....IMHO i would stay at the park and just fish from the pier or the inside of the inlet before you get on the pier over the water... but if you see some spots on the beach go for it...but be warned bathers don't care much for fishermen and will walk right into your line... the lifeguard will say something either way (most) and don't ever say the word "Shark" if someone ask you... say redfish/snook/flounder/weakfish/pinfish anything but sharks LOL>..keep everything simple, the place is loaded with fish... but they arent jumping in your lap and you will hear people say there's no fish there.. LOL..and since you have kids...use small baits.. this mean "Small" hooks and light weights you don't need to cast a mile to catch something...if anybody catches something small (pinfish/spot/croaker or host of others small fish) have a bigger setup ready and cast that small baitfish out there...look up fish finder rig... that a easy one... use mono leader and leave those wire leaders at home.... Let me know when you will be here.... i "Might" be able to get over there or at least have an excuse to go there...LOL...
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  • SebastianRedSebastianRed Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Thanks Jettypark,  sounds like the  pier of jetty will be the best bet. Will mostly have kids set up for spots/croaker/whiting etc. maybe a bigger bait for a black drum/red whatever.  Thanks again, mostly just want the kids to have fun, and maybe catch enough panfish for lunch.

  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 801 Officer
    also could be some snapper or flounder by the rocks and pylons, live shrimp would be great
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    Most Kids get bored really quick, and want to run and do what kids do...LOL... they also have a playground for them two sets of bathroom one by the pier,and one by the playground...The beaches have lifeguard on dury...bring alot of suntan loction and dump it on them... the worst thing you was is for any of those kids to get a real bad sun burn, and it happens alot...just before you enter the park this a boat ramp and bait shop right on your left...You might want to go in there and see what they have, plus you will be able to get your bait...i always get frozen shrimp for bait and try to get the larger live shrimp to bounc around the piling for flounders and anything else...we have huge local bull reds that always hang around same goes with tarpons/grouper and a host of other gamefish..oh since you have kids with you try to fish the pier further out where it goes over the water... that way you can have the kids just drop thier bait straight down by the pilings ...if anything is down there you will know it really quick...remember to get the smallest hooks you can find and cut up the shrimp into small piiece...and like i said dont be scare to throw one of those bait fish out there on a bigger rig...again good luck and let us know how you did...if you want some of those snapper or flounder dont be scare to cast towards the rocks and reel it slowly back to you...and you better be quick, because if you think you felt a bite... he already gone or got you in the rocks.. :#
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