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A couple more

So, the wind is relentless. I've had to cover a good amount of ground to make it happen but today was my third slam in a row...making it #7 and #8  The up side being I have seen more Reds this past week than the whole month before.

Yesterday my buddy Dave and I started out at Wabasso and fished what lee shores we could find. It was a very slow grind and I ended up with one of each target species...and a jack and a ladyfish. Dave had a couple trout and a snook.


Today would be Dave's last trip with me this spring. He is heading back north tomorrow. The wind was even worse than yesterday and things were still slow...I caught a couple trout and a jack and ladyfish before heading south to look for a snook and a Red.
I got a small snook as did Dave and after Dave pulled a nice 22 inch Red out from the bushes I felt we had a legit shot at double slamming again....after all, it was just a Red for me...and a trout for him...right?  So,  as it goes we are grinding out the casts and Dave has a trout follow his jig right to the boat...ugh... Then, I see a red cruising but no good on that one...pitch to an undercut bank....and I have my Red on....and comes unbuttoned... I pitch right back and...snook. So I run to a couple more "sure thing" trout spots..one follows him in again! But no joy.  It's getting on towards noon and we are almost done...when...


Yeah...that's a big smile!    a 28.5 inch Red smoked the Key Lime CAL in a little drain no wider than 100 feet....She had me up in the mangroves twice... but when I got her out my net man Dave was on it! 

It was a little painful quitting without Daves Trout...He was super gracious about it saying he had a nice Red and snook ...but still..a little bitter pill for me.   It was a nice day outside of the wind conditions...not sweltering hot which I know is coming.  
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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