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Miamimuttonman latest reef report

Lately it’s been grouper after grouper,  of course all  released, the grouper are in different depths even though I’ve been trying to avoid spots where they normally hang out, we are still getting them while yellowtail fishing in 60 ft and while mutton fishing in 125 ft trying to avoid drop offs where they hang out. The mutton’s have been pretty consistent,  I’m sure the new regs helped but many are under 18” minimum size and have been released, even though we have gotten a few big ones too.
 Yelllow tail bite had slowed a bit and now it’s picking up again and we already started catching flags. The next few months should be great for the bigger fish to be caught, just keep in mind they are much smarter, than the rest.
 The  Cobia have been on fire more than any other year, also in different depths from 70 to 150 we have been getting them lately. The big kings are beginning to bite. here’s some pics enjoy.    


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