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JepoJepo Palm Beach GardensPosts: 38 Greenhorn
Is there a specific direction that the winds come from the keep the ocean smoother?  What direction helps lay down the waves?  Hope this makes sense...


  • Blue H2OBlue H2O Posts: 116 Deckhand
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    I fish a lot out of Boynton and some out of Palm Beach. I have found that typically if the wind is blowing from the west it's usually pretty flat in the ocean, at least out to 200'. I would guess that could be attributed to land mass blocking the wind some. I believe the NE winds usually cause the bigger waves and certainly can cause a NE Swell, which will usually mean big waves. You can certainly check out the inlet cams online and kinda monitor it during different winds and see a little for yourself. This is just imho about the wave height and doesn't necessarily reflect best wind direction for fishing.  Try checking out A1aweather.com  then Lake Worth Inlet Cam. There are also Inlet cams for Jupiter, Boynton and Boca. Hope this helps
  • flknifemakerflknifemaker Posts: 199 Deckhand
    Any variant of a west wind will lay it down close to the coast. I’m not sure on distance but I’d say for a few miles, after that distance you can have a bigger wind wave. Also this dependent on the actual forecast. 
  • butts182butts182 Posts: 178 Deckhand
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    West wind = flat seas and poor fishing
    east/south wind can be more rough or choppy, but depends on time of year
    anything out of north is rough

  • Aquaholic IVAquaholic IV Posts: 844 Officer
    I used to like West winds as closer to shore was calmer although they are much more dangerous.  First, when returning to the inlet, you are going directly into the waves, not a following sea.  Secondly, if you have engine failure, the wind and waves will take you out to sea, not bring you in.  Lastly, you get a false sense of security going outvthinking it is calm and once you get offshore, it gets ugly.  Just my opinion.
  • Salty GatorSalty Gator Posts: 1,829 Captain
    Just fished a west wind out of SLI on Saturday.  It was ok out to about 80', around 6 miles.  Past that, the 3-5' seas with the west wind pushing down the period made for a lot of roll when parallel to the trough.
  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,448 Officer
    Agree with the others that west winds will give you a calm sea near shore.  It depends on how strong the wind is to how far out it will stay calm.  Also like others have said a west wind with in-coming tide will make the inlet rough just like an east wind with out going tide.

    I like south and southeast the best.  North winds cause the swells but also the gulf stream will be rougher because the current is heading north and the winds are blowing north, the opposite direction, which will stand the sea up more in the stream.

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