Bait up in the bay

Hey guys haven't been out in a few weeks, but the last time I was out three weeks ago there was no bait up in the bay yet.  Went to the normal spots.  Flats by Hula bay, Weedon and didn't see any Whitebait.  Planning to go Sunday, wondering if people are finding bait on the flats yet up in the bay?  Thanks for any information


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    I'm further south and I haven't seen any on the flats, but I talked to a captain that told me that he has.  He didn't share where he found it.
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    Look around the edges of the flats in 3-6ft..
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    A couple times this week I have seen the same truck parked right before you get on the HF bridge southbound.  Both times two guys were cast netting. 

    I do t think they’d keep coming back for nothing?
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    Thanks for the responses!
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    There is always bait around the bridges.  Go before the sun comes up for the best shots under the street lights on the downtide side.  You can often see them flipping or just under the surface if you're quiet or tied off.  The Gandy is usually the most reliable of the 3, but the same technique works at them all.  Good luck.
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    Saw a ridiculous bait school by the north skyway pier yesterday afternoon. 
    Driving across the bridge there was a massive dark area in the water with birds diving and fish chaos.  Tons of birds hitting from above and I’m guess spanish darting into the madness. 
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    Big, big schools of sardine and greenback fry all over right now. Fished around a few of them as a last ditch effort in the kingfish tournament yesterday to no avail, just caught some gag grouper by catch.

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    We saw some big schools at egmont as well.  We caught bait an the gulf pier and it was enormous.  Huge greenbacks.  Yeah we trolled for kingfish too - nothing..

    Starting to see it on the flats by coquina key too.
  • ag10sag10s Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    Went out yesterday, looked around a little but didn't see any on the flats.  So just threw artificials for a few hours
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