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Hutchinson Island Fishing Spots, Techniques, and Baits for Early April

AMI_SnookAMI_Snook Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Coming down to Hutchinson Island for a few days to escape the big city.  I usually fish Anna Maria Island on the gulf for snook using pinfish, white bait, and mojarra in June so I have no idea what the best bet is in April on the east coast.  

Any tips for land based fisherman for April?  I am staying on Nettles Island and actually have a channel in my backyard but am anticipating lots of cats in there.

I have fished the Bear Point Sanctuary last September in caught a few trout and snook on pinfish and finger mullet but whats the best baits in early April?  Shrimp?  I've never been much of an artificial guy but am willing to try anything to get on some.  

Pompano still in the surf?  I don't have too much experience surf fishing - instead I'm mostly around structure such as bridges and piers.  

Any good land based spots around that you can recommend?  Fish the tides?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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    @AMI_Snook April is a great time for fishing here in the IRL man! The snook and trout bite will be pretty strong. If your set on live bait, live pinfish, mullet and shrimp under a popping cork will get you bites. Google maps is your friend bud. Bear Point is a great starting point. There’s a few other coves that do really well too. The west side fishing the docks can be very rewarding. April is a great time of year to be fishing. The Snook have been in the main river we’ve been catching them off the docks and coves. Fishing tides is all I do. If I’m targeting the coves and flats I like when it’s a low incoming tide. For one the fish are more stationed to drop offs and easier to target. And two your not having to chicken wing it in 5-6 feet of water in some of my areas lol. When I fish the docks on the other hand. I do better at higher tides. And for me. That is such structural fishing that as long as you have moving water I usually can get some good bites. You just need to find bait, moving water, current and you’ll find the fish. Pompano will vary by the water temp. But I have caughten Pomp’s inside the irl multiple times near Nettles island too and at bear point. 

    Now I throw plastics more than live baiting and have fished around guys live baiting many a time and caught 4xs the fish...when wade fishing you just can cover more water effectively when throwing plastics. April is a great time for top waters in the morning, cloudy conditions. Mirror lures chuggers/top dogs, rapala skitter walks, I throw spooks more so then the later. I trick them out with trokar treble hooks. DOA Cal jigs tipped with split tail jerk baits and paddle tails are amazing search baits. Bass Assasins paddle tails are another. DOA Bait Busters, Shrimp and terror eyez are great baits. And another awesome old school way to fish a flat is a popping cork tipped with a DOA shrimp. For colors, I stick to natural colors, white, white and gold and darker greens. My favorite DOA shrimp color is a white crushed red belly... or just crushed red. Bait Busters I’ll throw a silver with a black back mostly. natural grey or the good old red and white. 

    Lol well that should get you going bud. Sorry I can’t lat-long honey holes but as you drive by look for bait action, diving birds, moving water , structure and you’ll find the fish! 

    I’ll be going out this weekend with some friends and charters. If we tear it up I’ll post a nice report. 

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  • AMI_SnookAMI_Snook Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Awesome.  Thanks for the info!   Very much appreciated!
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