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Contrary to what Ameritrails web site states in some cases they have used non-aluminum bunker brackets/supports. I noticed rust and corrosion on 2 bunker brackets and one bunker support on my Egret trailer. I contacted Ameritrail with pictures and never received a valid explanation why they used galvanized steel instead of aluminum on a trailer in a marine salt water environment in FL of all places. My buddies Egret Ameritrail trailer which is a year older is all aluminum. Has anyone else experienced this problem? 


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       I'm having rust problems with my aluminun Ameritrail also.As
    simply as Ican put it cost and strength of the metal.

  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    No rust or corrosion issues on mine after several years.  The bunks and supports and the wiring has been great and the height works perfect for the ramps I use.    But the fenders totally suck and don't last because the attachment is not robust enough to stand up to anyone of a normal size stepping on them and over some time they get loose and start to rattle and the wood piece on the inside gets loose too and the hardware for that is bad.   They use an indent in the wood to capture and hide the nut and that doesn't last and it gets loose.   It's hard to avoid standing on the fender from time to time and the design of the attachment is mediocre with just a couple of bolts on each side that can get loose.   I have had to replace them and now one of the wood pieces just is totally gone.  They need to go back to the drawing board on these fenders and come up with something that can support some weight just as the step does.  The fenders are such a headache for me, I decided the next trailer will be something else that has a better fender design.  It sucks to have something that works great for the most part but has one nagging deficiency that is so much of a headache it disqualifies it from a second purchase.  And its been that way for years and they don't fix it.  They know its an issue because I ran across an ex employee by chance last year and he told me so.
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    Other than one cracked fender I haven’t had any problems with mine purchased in 2013. I’ll be getting an additional boat in late April that will sit on an Ameritrail.
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    I bought a new Ameritrail  in 2013. The boat toes and loads great, but that is about all the good stuff I can say for Ameritrail. The plywood on the inside of the fenders is stupid, especially when they cover it with carpet. The plywood ate big holes in my aluminum fenders. I removed all the carpet and plywood and replaced the wood with 3/8" black Starboard (no carpet).  Looks good, works great and will not hold water. 

      Then, I noticed that the treated wood bunks were eating my aluminum bunk brackets. Had to remove all bunks, clean aluminum, then add a 1/8" rubber pad to isolate the treated wood from the aluminum. Then, I noticed that the axle brackets were reacting with the aluminum frame, had to isolate them with rubber pads.

      Then, the led lights started giving me problems. I discovered that all the lights were the plug-in type. They were not hardwired to the lighting harness. Apparently, the factory fills the plugs full of dialectic grease and plugs them together. Well someone at the factory did not fill the plugs with grease and water had gotten inside the plugs and corroded the connections. Had to cut off all plugs, solder and heat shrink all wiring. 

      Haven't had any problems since about 2015, when I basically dissembled, repaired and reassembled my two year old Ameritaril. 
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    Funny, on THT forum  they are all the rage and nothing but top of the line 
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    I rate it a C+.  I hate the fenders which are not sturdy and get loose over time and the attached wood pieces which never last.  I am getting something that is built a little better next time.  You would think on pieces that are obviously going to get stepped on sometimes they would be built for that and using carpet covered plywood on the fenders is cheap and a really dumb design.  Details matter and these were definitely not considered.
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    Buy a Sport Trail and be done with it. Best customer service around, you deal directly with the owner or his family, and the trailers are top notch front to back, top to bottom.
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    I have a load master I picked up in 2000 which I still have on an 18 Egret. The run to Flamingo is 150 miles round trip. I also trailer as far north on the west coast to Pine Island and on the east coast to Ft Pierce. I average about 30 trips a year and have replace the axle twice, rewired twice (went to pole lights) and fenders three times (once because of son in law, long story) I think I have gotten my money's worth.
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    I have owned Continental trailers over the years and have been happy with all of them.
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    E-Z Loader aluminum  trailer came with my 2012 20ft. SKEETER Bay and I converted it from oil bath hubs and brakes. Had to replace the LED lights and will replace the carpet this fall. No rust or corrosion but I wash it thoroughly after launch/retrieve.
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    Our 2000 Continental is on its last leg. Carries a SeaPro SV2100 bay. Brought to the beach and left it there. Ramp is only a 1/4 mile away. 

    The welded brackets for the springs are shot. Looks like a rebuild from the frame down. I'm thinking of buying a new one. With new springs, brackets, levelers, axles, hubs and wheels I'm probably looking at around $2k. Whats a new one running? $3k?
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    A new continental with the stainless package is right at 3k
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