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Free Friday Gator National Ticket

AC ManAC Man Posts: 6,433 Admiral
I was treating my buddy to  the day but sadley he has a new born baby with health issues and can"t go. My son and I will be there around noon for pro qualifying. I'd hate to se the ticket go to waste. If you want it it's yours. Text me at 352 216 0795.


  • Tarpon65Tarpon65 Posts: 6,646 Admiral
    AC, that's a darn nice gesture.  I stayed in Gainesville Tuesday night and the girl mentioned all hotel rates were doubling or tripling come Thursday due to the race.  Hope your buddy's new born gets better quickly.
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  • AC ManAC Man Posts: 6,433 Admiral
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    Had a great time but no takers on the extra ticket. Since we are both large human beings we could us the space. LOL. I hate bleacher seats with numbers. They are built for narrow 150 lb people average at best. They should have chairs like most tracks, arena's, stadiums have now days.. Place was packed! More than a main event at many tracks.I remember going to tracks and concerts with tickets on bleachers and there was no where to sit because everyone took up more than their seat physically. Could not believe the turn out for a Friday. 50th anniversary brought a lot of extra people.Lots of fun. Even the wife called and demanded to here a couple top fuel runs on the cell phone.  :)  
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