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First time boat buyer advice



  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 11,816 AG
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
  • sandy1147sandy1147 Posts: 153 Deckhand
    Man, if I was ready to pull the trigger now, I'd have to check that out. I'll definitely check the used market out when I'm ready. Also good to see how well it held it's value. 
    2019 Pioneer Islander 180
    "Sandy Blue"
  • tesilentialtesilential Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    I have a 2000 KW 1720 I bought last November. I run it all over Tampa Bay, have done 80 miles in a day and 50 miles plenty of times. It's awesome, but I personally would not buy one brand new. You can spend 1/3 of that and get a nice 1720.

    If I had $30,000 burning a hole in my pocket I'd buy a newer used seafox 22' or other non-glamour branded bay boat with T-top or an older pathfinder 22'.
  • m9000m9000 Posts: 2,082 Captain
    Get the highest load capacity tires for the size tire that will fit the trailer.  
  • phillygphillyg Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    I'd recommend looking at used boats, too.  There are a lot of nice ones out there without paying the premium for new.  The biggest problem with used in my experience is trailer maintenance.  Frequent use in salt water kills them.  So if you buy used, make sure you like the trailer as well as the boat.
  • sandy1147sandy1147 Posts: 153 Deckhand
    Well, after a metric ton of research, I finally made the purchase. I took my wife to the Jacksonville Boat Show and she luckily realized how much more boat we could get for just a bit more. I was really looking at the Bulls Bay 1700 but she saw this and fell in love. I told her it was a great, well made boat but was out of the price range she gave me. She decided to up our budget (Hey, I'm not ashamed, she's a money genius). Say hello to my new 2019 Pioneer Islander 180
    2019 Pioneer Islander 180
    "Sandy Blue"
  • outboardsurplusoutboardsurplus Posts: 154 Deckhand
    There is a 1720 key west on Pensacola craigs list for $2800.00.I believe it was a 1994 model,dirty but appears to be in good condition.
  • livebaitlivebait Posts: 793 Officer
    Very nice-hope you great enjoyment from it.
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