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elpollolocoelpolloloco JACKSONVILLEPosts: 303 Deckhand
Took the Chubby Hooker, my bay boat, out of vilano today in search of wahoo. Plan was to fish 21 bottom. None of the fellows were free so I went solo. 

Made it to East 21 and started seeing runners on the surface and the water was 66 degrees which I thought was cold. Put lines in about 1 mile inshore of the wahoo rock and about twenty minutes later my tiagra is screaming. Not really having a plan and being solo I said ok what the eff I am going to do here. Wound the other rod in as line continued to peel off of my reel. Finally grab the rod that has hooked something large and angry and slow the boat down. 

Not sure what exactly transpired but there was some cussing and wooing. Twenty minutes later I had a beast of a wahoo to the side of the boat. I put the rod in the holder grabbed the gaff and stuck him. It wasn't till I struggled to get him over the deck that I realized that this is a big @ss fish. 

So at 930 and no where to store this fish I headed in. It was too big for my fish box and my fish bag that I use for kingfish wasn't going to hold it. When I put it on the scales at the tackle shop it was 75 lbs. Not bad for my first hoo on the Chubby Hooker.

BTW it ate a Nomad DTX minnow that I was pulling about 7 knots. Was in 125 ft.


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