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Yankeetown area advise please

hey y’all, we will be staying on the Withlacoochee from feb 28- march 2. I’ve never fished this area before and was wondering if any could give me some advice on where to run, or where not to more importantly! We will targeting reds and trout and maybe a snook if we’re lucky. Any fishing advice would be much appreciated but would prefer any advice that helps me keep the foot on my motor! Thanks!


  • coreypnichcoreypnich Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    If it helps, my boat is a 21’ Carolina skiff.
  • VertigoVertigo Yankeetown, FLPosts: 617 Officer
    Fishing the Withlacoochee/Yankeetown area can be tough if you don't know where you're going.  Limestone rock and oyster bars lurk everywhere.  Your best bet is to hook up with a guide who can keep you out of trouble.  Otherwise, get on Google, chart a path that takes you to likely locations and avoids hazards.  Go slow until you're sure where the rocks are. 
  • coreypnichcoreypnich Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the reply!
  • AC ManAC Man Posts: 6,864 Admiral
    Get a Top Spots fishing map. Go out on low tide.  You will see not to go one foot out of the channel markers. Giant rocks exposed at low tide, just under at high tide. I cant think of a more treacherous place to learn. I got lucky.

    Hopefully the grass flats to the north will produce by then. Good luck!
  • coreypnichcoreypnich Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Thanks AC man!
  • RockysamRockysam Posts: 32 Deckhand
    Been there, done that.  Some good fishing at times just off the channel past the mouth of the river (boat launch). The river channel itself near the mouth has been producing some trout and redfish (a mile or so upriver) but spotty. Alternatively can zoom out to the end of the channel and fish some of the rock and spoil piles to the south -- off the Barge Canal.  Area north of the Withlacoochee is really shallow -- go slow if you go up there.  As it is you might get stranded up there if you lose the tide. Fishing has also been really slow to the north.  The channel is your friend.  As advised above, get the Hot Spots map and do some exploring.
  • AC ManAC Man Posts: 6,864 Admiral
    The people on this region offer more advice than any region I visit, and I have been on here since 2001.

    Yankeetown in the winter is rough, boat wise and fishing wise. Too hard to explain and I think that's why you are not getting a lot of replies. On the othe hand it has been in the high 80's all week and have seen 90. Crazy!

    I'll tell you this, I live on a road that leads to that area of the gulf, Withlacoochee and waccasassa River and I can tell you that 90% of the boats that passed me by heading that way are 18 foot metal boats with a jet foot in the winter.
  • VertigoVertigo Yankeetown, FLPosts: 617 Officer
    Easiest and safest route for trout:  Down the river to marker 23 (the one ending the speed zone after the Bird Creek Ramp).  Leave marker to stbd on a heading of 312 for about 5 miles.  This track will put you in an area of grassy bottom from about 5 to 8 ft deep and a good spot to catch trout.  There will probably be other boats in the area.  Follow the same route on return.  
  • mr.bubbamr.bubba Posts: 72 Deckhand
    AC man is correct. I fish all the creeks in YankeeTown. I have a 2072 seaark with a jet drive. I very rarely get on a full plane. The oyster bars are like land mines. The worst ones are the ones just under the water that you can't see when the current is slow. Since you are only here a week stay on the outer islands. The fishing should be picking up. 
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