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Egret Moccasin 210 Specs

Cavanaugh68Cavanaugh68 Posts: 533 Officer
Does anyone have the exact specifications for the Moccasin 210?

Things like dry hull weight? Exact Width? Draft?(Draft with say the 200hp Yamaha) Max Passengers on board? Just things like that. I cannot find this info anywhere. Thanks!


  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
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    You would be best to call the factory for any information I do not mention here. There is no published specs of the Moccasin on the Egrets website. With that said I've owned a 189,2011 & two Moccasins now one glass boat with a Suzuki 200 & now a full Kevlar Moccasin with the new Mercury 225 V6. The specs on the Moccasin are the same almost as the Egret 2011 length 21 feet due to the deck cap being one inch longer and the beam 7 foot 8 inches and holds 50 gallons of fuel. The draft is different & shallower than the 2011 by over 2 inches due to the different running surface with no pad which automatically removes 2 inches from draft and the displacement due to where the console & gas tank are placed are more forward so it will float more level and is a lighter boat due to less parts. The Moccasin will displace water better and draft less due to the reverse shoe wider flat spot design at the stern compared to the 2011 traditional pad bottom which is narrow and sticks down. The Moccasin runs differently than the 2011. It will run shallower than a 2011 with a jack late due to the bottom and run on plane at 7 to 10 MPH with no tabs with hull up and out of the water running at the stern. The 2011 does not do this and you'll need to run some tabs to run slow under 20 MPH but will never be on plane it will just run with the stern down in the water but not up and out. The Moccasins hull is not as fast as the 2011 even with a 250 HP motor due to the different running surface. The Moccasin will run with a Suzuki 200 50 to 53 MPH. The 2011 with run 65 to 70 with a 250 HP since it gets up on the pads running surface at 43 MPH and has less resistance on the water with more HP to push it. The Moccasin is easier to run in a open ocean and back country winding thru creeks and requires less driver input. The 2011 once running 65 MPH plus requires you to drive the boat with more input.  All models are self bailing and have no water in the cockpit at rest or when standing in the back. The layout of the Moccasin gives a more open bay boat layout with a stand up console which I preferred after owning all the other models and running them for three plus years each. I put time and effort into the setup of each and know them inside & out which has benefited a lot of owners and the factory. I don't have all the answers but I'm pretty dialed in. Hope this information helps you out. If your in the Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale area and would like to see it in person and go for a demo ride PM me. I also frequent the Ft Myers and Goodland areas to fish so a demo can be set up in those area also. 
  • Cavanaugh68Cavanaugh68 Posts: 533 Officer
    One other question FlatsBoy. Do you have picture or can tell me what the U.S. Coast Guard capacity plate says on it, the yellow one. Like MAX HP/# of Passengers/Weight on board? Thx
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
    These are the plates used by most boat manufactures now. It does not list individual information on the plate itself. My last Moccasin had this also it was a 2017 model. For this exact information please take the time and call the factory.

  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
    My USCG sticker says 6 passengers.  It has a weight rating but I can't remember what it is, I'll have to check.
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
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    I think the capacity is 6 people 1100 lbs. But don't quote me on that!
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
    My sticker says 6 people or 1100 lbs; 1900 lbs people, motor, gear.  350HP Max

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