Matlacha 2/11

We started on the east side north to about where the channel markers stop then worked our way back. We targeted trout so tried to find grass between the islands and the channel. Saw the pelicans pounding the water on the west side of the channel so headed over. Surrounded by successful pelicans but not bites. Moved back east to get out of the wind and finally hooked up with a keeper trout on a SST Slayer Purple Haze. Many casts later same rig second keeper and a short. Buddy got a short on Mirro paddle tail similar color and threw popping cork/gulp shrimp most of the day with 2 puffer bite offs.

Water 73 degrees early and 76 when we left 1pm. Saw quite a few boats but I have not fished there before so not sure how much pressure it gets. Saw lots of diving pelicans, dolphin and a few manatee so is was a little better than our first time out at Pineland plus a good meal. Not sure whether to try to learn more water out of Matlacha or go south to Everglades City. PMs with advice welcome.


Grey Beard



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