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Pinfish Trap advice needed

I am looking for the small pinfish trap that is designed to fit a full block of chum in the center. I saw a youtube video of one but haven't been able to find it online.

What are some of the things I should be looking for when setting my trap? I have read that grassy areas are a key thing. I also heard just about anything will work for bait (fired chicken, left overs etc.) I plan on heading down to key largo and marathon multiple times through out this summer. Are pin fish a year round species or seasonal? Thanks for any comments


  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,212 Officer
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    I have 1 of these. Planning on using it this year. Mine will hold a complete frozen chum block.  https://www.catchlivebait.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=61
    Following as we have multiple trips to the keys as well this year and i have never been!
    Jason :USA
  • msk99msk99 Posts: 354 Deckhand
    I believe they are always around...good, reliable bait.
  • smallblock342smallblock342 Posts: 86 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the comments.
  • KnotsaneKnotsane Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I made my own out of galvanized wire. It’s about 2’x2’x1’ and holds about 1/4 block. I’ll drop it in 4-5 feet of water over grass flats in Marathon. It’s marked with a clear plastic bottle/ GPS. On day one I’ll drop chum in it and the rest of the trip it just gets fish skins and guts. Always filled with pins. Last year had a small barracuda get in there somehow. The pins destroyed it.
  • UK AnglerUK Angler Posts: 278 Deckhand
    Try and get the trap lined up with the current, or the pins will just swim against a flat side rather than an entrance and only a clever few will find a way in.
    Mark it on your fishfinder and only put a small marker on it- either something that looks like trash, something small and dark or sub surface. Otherwise you might find someone has raided or stolen it.
    Use a fish carcass instead of spending $6 on a block of chum. Its free and will hang around longer.
  • UK AnglerUK Angler Posts: 278 Deckhand
    I trim the dorsal too, makes them swim a bit wonky and if a fish takes a half assed swipe it doesnt get a mouth full of spines and decide to leave it.
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 554 Officer
    I was camping a week in the glades one time and wanted to be able to get bait quickly to get the first light tarpon.  I know I'm not supposed to but I hid a trap out on the edge of First National Bank.  I baited it with a ladyfish and a Spanish mackerel carcass.  The next morning I checked it at first light and the trap had been 100% crushed.  It was almost completely flattened and mangled.  I'm thinking it had to have been a large bull or tiger shark.
  • Grady27Grady27 Posts: 69 Deckhand
    There is a tackle supply on Cudjoe Key that makes their own.  I bought 3 of them---totally awesome design and quality. Fits one block easily, but I usually just use a half block per trap.  
  • hossmosshossmoss Posts: 1,274 Officer
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    This answer is late to the party so I am posting for the benefit of future readers. I have set pinfish traps from Academy sports and Cudjoe Sales twenty feet apart with the same bait. The Cudjoe sales ones regularly got lots of pins. The Academy ones got a few pins and more crabs. Buy the Cudjoe Sales traps. Set them in a sandy hole in the midst of a grass flat with the openings facing upcurrent and downcurrent  GPS them and mark them with a brown coconut for a float. Bait with fish carcasses or the end of the day thawed bait you won't re-freeze, chum will wash out fast.

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  • StratCasterStratCaster Posts: 69 Deckhand
    hossmoss said:
    Set them.... with the openings facing upcurrent and downcurrent 
    Been catching pinfish for years but always just threw the trap in randomly.  This is the first time I've heard about this and will give it a try, thanks.  
  • Terence1Terence1 Posts: 168 Deckhand
    I bought a pin trip at the Islamorada Flea market for $60. I got to the market an hour after it opened and it was his last of 6 he had brought. The flea market is next weekend.
  • NorthernNorthern Posts: 903 Officer
    There are occasionally some  reasonable priced used ones on "Craigslist for the Florida Keys"
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