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Sheepshead are slowly getting here

My fishing partner and I went out Wednesday.  We hit a spot in 20' that produces every year.  Seas were less than 1 foot but the current was stronger than anticipated.  We grabbed 100 live shrimp for the two of us and rigged our lines with 3/4oz and 1oz knocker rigs.  After loosing about 20 shrimp we switched to 2oz sinkers so our lines would stay by the boat and to feel the bite better.  That was the trick and soon after we boated a few nice ones and had to throw back about a dozen smaller.  We ended up using all our bait before we called it a day and headed back in.  Next time we probably will go with another 50 or more shrimp just to be safe.  We are thinking the bite should get better with the bigger ones showing up in a few weeks.


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